My New Indoor Grow Cave

I agree, pull.


Thanks. I dont need tk filter. Legal here and as for smell thos that know dont care and thoes if they care they can stay away. Lol

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@dbrn32, @Covertgrower, @Hellraiser,
Thanks. I am currently pulling, but i am building a new exhaust set up and didnt kjow if i should change.


I’ve always had my fan inside the grow area, pushing the air out. Or I guess pulling it out. Not sure what the correct terminology is.

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Mine is right outside my grow. But i guess it is all about how you look at it. Glass half empty, glass half full. Technally it is pulling the air out of the grow, but it is pushing it the rest of the way through the system. So both? Lol


I bought one of those but it was pretty hard to use. Broke down and got a wi-fi microscope.

So amazon must have loved me today. I got my fan, heat sink, thermal tape and the reat fof my wire for my light.

Driver and led strips ar still on schedule for monday. Iv got everything else as far as i can figure. So monday will be the day we build a light.

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I also picked up the stuff for the exhaust system

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So I thought I would though up a few drawings of what I am planning for the build, both the light and the room its self. The light will an off driver build, I have two grow rooms with a utility closet of sorts between them for my Driver boards, breaker box for grow room, timer, fans and all the other stuff.
Drawing 1 shows a rough layout of the grow the light will be in and how the wire for the light will travel.(comment 17 has a good shot of the grows)

This one is how the driver board is going to be setup. Each grow will have two 320w lights(starting with one) and each grow will have one driver board with both lights on it.

For now anyway, I might change it once I get the drivers and have one to get a good reference on size. I cut a piece of paper for the layout but it did not help.

Here are a few more just thrown in

Any comments/suggestions/problems all are welcome.
More to come.

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You are pulling air through filter though, that is what we were talking about. :+1:

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It’s late, and you have a lot of drawings lol. But they look good from here.

@dbrn32, @NeoGroR finally got my last shipment. The driver and led strips.

Picked up my machine screws and found my spool of wire that was for some reason in the box with my failed drip line project. Guess i thought i would need wire for the next pluming job. Lol.

Gone cook some cow then somke some flower and build a light.


Ok here we go iv got the frame built. I added a piece of angle stock for mounting the wire box and other stuff.

The heat tape is on the led boards. Small break to give daughter her bath ten back at it.

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Got my power board done. There wl be two drivers on each board when all lights are finished

Now on too wiring the led strips

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@dbrn32, @NeoGroR, @Covertgrower, @Bulldognuts, @Drinkslinger, @Hellraiser

Strips are on.



Looking good :+1:

Ok @dbrn32, i could use some help if you have time i dont want to wire this wrong and i keep looking at it and i keep second guesing my self. Here is what ibhave so far.

This is the ac side

This is the dc side


i dont know why they are all upside-down


I had to switch to my computer, it is to hard to do this from phone. I am using a standard extinction cord with black/white/green wires. The cord from the DC side of the driver will terminate with a female plug end and the light itself will start with a Male style plug end from there going to the junction box and out to the led strips.

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