My new grow light

I’m going to try to grow indoors for the first time. I purchased a brand new Grow Light off of EBay. This is what it says on the box:
Power : 16W
PPE : 1.8 UMOL/J


You might sprout seedlings with that light but that’s all you’ll be able to do. You need 200 actual watts of quality LED’s to properly grow out one cannabis plant.


What size area you growing in? If you want bang for your buck, check out spider farmer or HLG lights. Lighting is very important to growing cannabis successfully. As stated above, 200w per plant. Be aware of ebay or amazon lights, they greatly misrepresent the actual watts produced. Stay away from the dreaded blurple lights lol.

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HLG is having a sale till tomorrow. 20 percent off. I love my 600r and yeah it was expensive but I don’t pay for pot anymore.


Is a 1000w led full spectrum a good grow light to use? Im a newbie at this also. And how many plants at 1000w

You need 600 watts of quality LED’s and 800 of lower quality lights to properly flower cannabis. Very few 1,000 watt lights out there.

If you are buying off of Amazon there’s only a couple of lights worth buying. Horticulture Lighting Group is one of the best out there and they did have a sale going on.

Buyers beware!


Very few 1,000 watt lights exist that aren’t fraudulent. A legitimate one would cost ~$1,000 if built with proper components.

There are a lot of scam lights on Amazon and they perform no where near what the sellers claim. Look for lights built with Samsung LM301 diodes. You have to be careful about this too, as we’ve seen just this week that KingLED started lying in saying that their lights are built with LM301 diodes. I expect a few others are doing this as well.

HLG (mentioned above,) Mars Hydro, and Spider Farmer LEDs all make decent lights.


Thanks guys for sharing info about the lights. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Im anxious to learn any and all that i can about my new hobby. You guys are super awesome

USA 1000 watts or China ? (1000CHINA/10=USA_
HLG for your best value $/time/product.
Good choices are expensive, spend 50% more than budget for future growth.
301H or better.
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