My New 645w LED Light Is Here

I finally bit the bullet and bought an LED light. I’ve been running HPS but everyone’s doing great things with LED so I figured why not try. I ordered a Flexstar pro 645w LED from Alibaba and so far I’m very pleased. Hopefully I’ll feel the same way this time next year. My only complaint so far would be that it was shipped in its original box only. I have some French Macaron and Blueberry under the light with a total of 5 strains in the room. The room was going to be a perpetual grow with 12/12 starting November 26th. I have sense decided to replace some of my genetics and have ordered a few new strains from ILGM and Seedmans.


Looks nice!

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Thank you. LEDs are a lot brighter than I expected. I had been borrowing one for veg that was 8 years old. Night and day difference.


Led tech has come a long way for sure.

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Nice light the bar system to! Wowzers not cheap but sure is pretty!
What chips are in it?

Seeds man is jacking me around right now :unamused:
But they are a big seed company.
They doubled my order somehow and charged me, just ensure they don’t do the same.
I feel like it was a glitch but yeah.
Oh and their bills comes from Beijing sooo that’s different lol I thought someone had my credit card info.

How much was it? If you dont mind me asking.

How long did it take for you to get it?

It uses the Samsung 301B and Osram.
I actually received my seeds without issue and close to 2 weeks before expected. I think my purchase went through Utah or some place close. Lol Beijing would have me double checking.

It was $680 in total $186 was shipping.

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Shipping is air freight 5-7 days but of course I had to order it on Christmas Eve. It ended up being 11 days from the time I placed the order.

Had a quote for 360 bucks for shipping yikes I need something better

Fingers crossed it produces what your looking for and the longevity /quality is there.

Wow that’s not much cheaper the an hlg comparable if there 301b and osram 660 then there pretty identical what’s the specs on that driver

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Odd specs but what I see 2200ma-5600ma? Dimming similar to what my hlg uses…
And I see there samsung 3030 bin which are if I remember where better the 301b diodes eeither way seems like a really nice light …it better be for 650$ 2.8 unmold… 1800 ppfd that’s great

I hate trimming

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Hand trimming solo


Very very nice looking plants :ok_hand::sunglasses:

Do you have HPS in there with it too?

Yes, LED and HPS