My my my, more bushy WW

This is my second apptempt to try hydro.
Growing WW in bubble bucket.
Didn’t use top feed drip this time.
Using Heavy16 nutes program, it includes a light start at seed/seedling stage week. We are at 1.5” (40 cm) high and starting on node 4.


Are you transplanting from soil to Hydro or is that soil in your net pot??? If that is soil in your net pot, it can fall through and contaminate your water below.

If i transplant from soil to Hydro, I let the soil completely dry out. You can as gently as possible “knead” the dry soil from the roots. I just never made habit of doing that because is easy to damage the roots.


@TDubWilly 60/40 coco perlite from day one. Tried your method last round and I think that’s what did me in.

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Ya I don’t see much point in planting in soil and moving to Hydro…

I use the clay pebbles only in my system

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The first attempt. “The come back tour” after watching it slowly die until it turned yellow, I then pulled it, found it was lacking in root structure and tossed it in soil.


I take my clones from soil to hydro all the time,i gently remove the loose soil then run the roots under water until clean,never had any issues