My Move to Landrace

I’m not actually sure I’m creating a true journal, but I wasn’t able to complete the setup do to ILGM not offering this strain. So forgive me if I screwed all this up!

Set up:
Vegging is in a 3x3, out in the garage with a Mars Hydro TS1000
Flowering is in a 4x4, inside with a HLG 600 Rspec
Always Coco Coir and Perlite
Jack’s 321 3.6A 2.4B 1.2 Epsom Salt, seedlings on CloneX (amazing stuff)
5gal Pots
ACInfinity 6inch with controller and various budget fans

I’m currently finishing up some ILGM SSH and Blue Dream. The problem I’m having is that these new fancy strains are just too strong for me and I’m trying to find the old school feeling I got back in the day. Maybe my search will be fruitless, but trying is just as fun.

I bought some Apple Betty from Spain and popped those. I also had 1 Zkittlle I received as a freebee and will be working on them along side this Landrace. After they are all finished, nothing but Landrace going forward.

So the real prize is Afghan 90 Heirloom. They also sent me Kumaoni Himalayan and an Afghan mix that could containing Balkh, Badakshan, Mazar-i-Sharif and Kunduz.

I will keep things short, mostly pictures throughout the grow. I’m relearning how to grow and learning all the new information available these days. I grew back in 94’ and all we really had was word of mouth and 3 part GH. But luckily, I’m pretty good with plants and underwater gardening; so a lot of todays understandings make sense.

So, here’s what I’m finishing up and the start of Apple Betties, Zkittle and Afghan. If you have advice, let me hear it. If you have a question, I will answer it to the best of my knowledge.

Fingers crossed this lands in the right spot!


Looks great!

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Harlequin is my choice for old 1970s type of weed.
Not nearly as strong but a nice mellow buzz. I really like it.
I have other strains like Northern Lights, Blue Dream and Granddaddy Purple and can take one small hit and I’m done.

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That’s exactly my problem. I will look forward to trying your suggestion.

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Alright, the Apple Betty and Zkittle are transplanted and all went a bit deficient. I raised to 520ppm and I see an improvement. The seedlings are at 440ppm and still look deficient and may bump them a bit more tomorrow. Hungry ladies they are.

I’m going to try 3 gallon pots this go. I already water twice a day so it makes sense. I also like to keep my plants smaller.

I topped 2 and fimmed one just to see if there’s a difference.

What’s a good source for Landrace Durban Poison if such a place exists?

Looks like The Landrace Team* and Khalifa Genetics have options. A quick look on seedfinder shows a couple more likely candidates from Afropips and Cannbiogen if you can find a seed bank with those in stock. Outlet UK (I’ve used them and they’re fine) has the latter and the Canadian Hemp Company (who I have no experience with) has the former.

Other things to consider when trying to evaluate authenticity:

  • Check the THC%; even grown seedless landraces rarely exceed ~15%
  • Check the veg & flower times. Varieties match their local growing season; e.g. there ain’t no 12 week finishing Jamaicans or 18 week Afghans
  • Check out old images taken on site; doesn’t necessarily have to be the exact variety you’re interested in but you’ll get a flavor for what the old school is supposed to look like

One note when growing tropical/subtropical varieties is to prepare for stretch like you’ve never seen. Pretty much as soon as you’re out of the seedling stage is the time to flip to 12/12 (remember days in these regions are ~12/12 year round). After that you have at least 6-8 weeks until preflower; usually stretching the whole time.

* might also look at their Drakensberg & Swaziland which are neighbors of Durban.

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Awesome, thank you!