My mother went into preflower


It’s been a while and much changed for me…
A shame I can’t change my screenname. (or can I?)

I went indoors and have my first grow going. 3 easy buds auto to get some experience with poted plants as i have evee only grow in plain soil and a holy punch that came as a gift.
The autos are ready in about 3 weeks…
im using my HP as a mother and got some clones cut.
they are in the same tent as the autos and have 2 hps 400w and a led 100w going, the hps are set to 13h and the led to 18h.
Does anyone has some experience with a similar setup where you mix led and hps with diffrent time cycles.
Why is my mother showing some cylaxes on the nodes?
is she going into flower???
Can I prevent that from happening??


Nice looking grow! Try to get a picture of only the mother plant for me. In natural light if possible. So if you could pull it out the tent n snap a pic id appreciate it.

Maybe changing ur hps hours to 16+ may help


Curious what the pros say for this.

I have a similar thing going on. A tent full of flowering autos and a photo. The photo has some signs of preflower.

I was wondering if maybe the flowering auto released something that triggers others to join the flower party.

Or if maybe the photo is just maturing.

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If ur light hours are long enough and you only see pistils atthe node branches and not forming top crowns, its just showing sexual maturity. She’s saying flip the lights whenever. She ready


Must be tha case… The pistils are only at the nodes.
The way you say it, it sounds like it is a normal thing all photo period plants do?

I should be able to keep her in veg as long as i want? She is meant to be the mother. Although I’m mainlinig and topping her, she will be nicely trained when i send her into flower

But my amnesia, hulk Berry and green gelato are waiting patiently in the fridge…

I need more space…

depending on how my first batch of clones goes along i will make a second before i send her into flower. And start the amnesia, hulk Berry combo.

Sounds like a winning plan. We all need more space. Which leads to more lighting. Which leads to more seeds. Which leads back to space… neverending circle man :man_facepalming:t5:

But yup. Thats a photoperiod trait. When they hit maturity, they show sex


Perfecto! Had a hunch and exactly what I was hoping for.

Appreciate ya!

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De nada my man! Happy growing


Thanks good to know…

i will probably keep asking stupid questions like that for a while… Especially stuff concerning mother plants, and photoperiod lighting… As this is my very first indoor grow. Only outdoor experiences so far…

This forum is one of the better i have come across.

Relxed, concise, helpful and experienced growers.


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No problem at all. Seriously I love growing reefer man. Best part about this site is most people are super friendly and genuinely wanna see everyone else improve.

Ask away. Best way to learn is… trial by fire… poor example :joy:. But with eyes watching u crash and burn, u usually find your mistakes… eventually :laughing:.


Although we solved the issues as requested here are some pcs of my mother under my full spectrum sanlight LED

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Yup she’s still firmly in veg. They look great