My monster white widow auto this can't be normal 17 weeks

Seeds came from ilgm my first grow


Good. Gravy. That IS a monster! With all the white pistils it looks like she may still swell up! Good job!


well looks like you messed up pretty good on your first time, ahahahaahahahahahahaha


EHS alert!


Kind of mistakes I wish I would make instead of the kind that pisses my plants off…


Wow. Congrats! she is a wowzer!

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Yeah both of my plants started out in a 2x2x5.6 tent I tried lst even used a net did my best for beggining and just kept growing I had a weak burple light reason I believe they stretched so much had couple defencies they stalled on me twice but they out grew tent put them in closet at one point I thought that one wasn’t going to do nothing then :boom:

last pic of my other plant before I harvested


I do feel proud of my girls just wanted to share with you guys


We appreciate it and enjoy watching!!!

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it is a great feeling to grow it and smoke it… :cowboy_hat_face:


@Sixfeetunder , good job on your first grow! In re to EHS (early harvest syndrome), a few of your pics show buds that didn’t look ready and would have gotten bigger for you. I’ve had autos go 17+ weeks. It’s nuts I know. Again good job!
. Next time let 90% of those while pistils turn before chopping…you’ll thank me later!

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17weeks of flower or what? I have one that’s been flowering since March 15th genuine bud sites. for some reason it won’t amber, cloudy yes but no real amber going on 11weeks in flower.
I hate when they go this long because they tend to hermi.
I’m a photo grower and feel like I should just chop’s a gift to a cancer patient and I want it to be helpful but don’t want it screwing with what I grow for me.

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How do the pistils look?

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On this one that @paranoidperson posted I’m seeing 80-90% white pistils not 80-99% rusty. Remember numbers don’t lie…lawyers do! I’d say lol but that’s not funny it’s true!

The pistols have all receded and are orange, just won’t give me the amber I look for in my photos.

@BigItch can you take a piece and test it for yourself?

This is what I have been debating… I could but based on what I know it’s gonna give me a Racey high and that’s a no no because I have extreme anxiety and that’s why I smoke :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Better not try that way, then. There was a thread last week about not turning any amber. Can’t remember what the outcome was. :thinking: :crazy_face: Might ask Dr. Google

I actually saw that thread and I believe a guy had same strain as me and he chopped at 15 weeks I think he said. Can’t remember exactly, this will be used for keeping food down and munchies hopefully. The woman is on pain pills so don’t think the Racey will effect her. Gonna give it 2 more weeks and then most likely chop either way.

The girls will tell u when they have had enough playing in the dirt