My monster critical mass

One of my biggest yet

Critical mass Thanks ILGM


Wamted to ask about dificulty of growing & yield. Looks monstrous

@Laurap I’ve grown this strain and it’s an easy strain to grow and has a high yeild, my indoor grow was about 24 ounces. I plan to plant another one of these this week. The THC/CBD is a little low but it’s still pretty good.

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Is there a strain youd suggest? Looking for high thc & cbd. Been growing crystal but shes only got 4%cbd & 25%thc.
Thanks for responding. How many did yoi have goong for that yield?

most strains are either high cbd or high thc but usually not high on both. Critical mass from what i remember is pretty much even cbd/thc. I’ve never been interested in the high thc just cbd. so the strin you would just need to check out info on what you are growing to make that decision, sorry but i can’t really help. I got about the 24oz. from 1 plant. RDWC top a couple times and do a SOG. CM can and will grow to be a monster.