My mom just got diagnosed with cancer

I do okay and sometimes great growing but now i need to shift my focus on the cancer fighting strains. I’m totally new to this aspect so i welcome any and all advice i just did a harvest and i have ilgm white widow ready for the tent.
I don’t know if white widow will do anything but im wiling to smash my all my plants for oil or toss them for a better cancer fighting strain.
Thanks in advance for reading and any information shared.


I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. Unfortunately, I don’t know what strains would be best for oil, but i’m sure there are others here that will come along and help. For now I would do lots of research on strains.


Im doing as much research as possible to try and grow medicine for my girlfriend that has terminal stage 4 ovarian cancer. So if you get any answers to which strains are best to fight cancer cells and ease the horrible side effects of the poison (chemo), I would really appreciate it if you would share them with me so i can get something going… thanks and stay positive… It’s a long tough battle!!! Be good buddy


O.k. i will my mom has liver cancer in two spots and I’m going full throttle into research right now


Not positive guys, but I know that that low the high cbd strains are considered more medical. Maybe that’ll get ya in the right direction

5 best cannabis stains for cancer Google and scroll down

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I’m in the process of hunting for a pure cbd strain around NorCal where I live … we have great genetics around here so im sure i will locate something i just want to make sure its a true cbd with the proper genetics

All or most strains will have the cancer fighting molecules. Look into making cannabis infused coconut oil. I am getting readt to do a batch but, it takes almost 2 weeks to complete the cook (sous vide method)

I will be posting a video when I done.

quick instructions: De-carboxylate a mason jar filled with cannabis to the top by boiling for one hour. Do not open! allow to cool completely before opening. This allows the terpenes to re-enter the flower (taste, smell)

Now OPen jar, and fill with coconut oil. PLace in a sous vide (water bath) at 118f for 5 days.

Remove jar and let cool until you can safely handle the jar. Using a cheesecloth or micron strainer, strain all the coco oil into a 2nd jar, fill back up with more trim, flower, whatever from the plant, refill coco oil to top and replace into the water bath for 3 more days.

This is the first whole step in the process. You will be left with an edible or topical oil that has instant pain relieving tendencies. You can fry eggs in it. Cut the butter in 1/2 and use for baked goods. eat a teaspoon and feel like you just got oiled.

Let me know what you think.

Peace, lw


There is a strain called ACDC that is great for cancer fighting cbd it available in California but i can’t seem to find where to get it any where else

It may or may not actually fight the cancer, but increasing your sense of well-being, increasing your appetite, helping you sleep, and decreasing pain all help your immune system and that’s what has to fight the cancer. Right now you don’t know if THC versus CBD will help her the most. I would try to get two strains and experiment. ACDC is great for CBD and just about any high THC strain will do for the THC. Unfortunately, I don’t think ILGM has ACDC yet, but they do have plenty of high THC strains.

Call around to all your local dispensaries, if you have them. They sell seeds and clones. Basically, you want to find a strain that helps her with the chemo side effects. That is where cannabis shines. It helps everybody with chemo. If you don’t have legal weed in your state, maybe you should travel to a state that does. Or you may be able to buy CBD oil online. They sell it in health food stores in California!


@MAXHeadRoom may have some suggestions. He’s done a lot of studying and I’m sure he might have a few suggestions.

Sorry to hear about your mom. Whatever you do don’t give up.
I did the RSO treatment for cancer which suggest you consume 60 grams of oil. I personally consumed over 90 grams of oil and it did not work for me. But everyone is different and what works or dosen’t work for one person may work for another. Through my research I have found that the best ratio of CBD to THC is 50/50. I was only consuming the THC part. So after this harvest I will try again and make my own oil and purchase a high quality CBD oil and mix the two together and try again.

By the time you find and grow a very high CBD strain, the cost should almost be the same as buying it. Also time is something you need to cinsider. by the time you find, grow and harvest the CBD at least 4 months have gone by. Most cancers need to be treated right away. So my advise to you would be to make your own THC oil with your white widow and mix it with a high quality CBD oil and administer it with a suppository. This way she wont have to take the time for her body to adjust to it being taken orally.

Some chemo treatments in conjunction with the oil may be necessary. The hard chemo or intravenous chemo seems to be counterproductive. So aviod that if possible.

You will need at least 10oz of weed to make 60 grams of oil. So I hope you harvested that much. There are some good threads here on how to make it and your yield per oz should be around 5 to 6 grams of oil per oz.

I will keep your mother in my prayers.


Thanks. My prayers are for all who have to deal with cancer as you well know @MAXHeadRoom :grin:


Thanks max she will be going to surgery to try to get it cut out of the liver in two places. I’m going to go buy some cbd oil. And practice making my own cbd oil


I’m keeping you and your mom in my prayers. :hugs:

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Thanks for the prayers.

What does anyone think about this

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O.k. just updating everyone just ordered a magnetic hot plate stirrer and a still and syringes
I will take pictures and post as i go on making this cbd oil