My mixes ( also on grasscity)

  1. Just sharing my base and nute mixes. Descriptions after. All parts refer to volume. DO NOT USE WEIGHT.

1 part leaf mulch
1 part ewc/compost
1 part native soil
1 part bagged soil/peat moss
1-3 cups fertilizer per cu.ft

Dry ferts (Down to Earth)
1 part all purpose
1 part neem seed meal
1 part Phos. mix -> 5 parts fish bone meal mixed with 1 part seabird guano
2 parts kelp meal

Notes on soil:
Try to avoid fresh leaf mulch less than a month old. The bagged soil/ peat moss can be pre or non fertilized (no time release) but know that this is what creates the large fertilizer margin of 1-3 cups. Bags like cocoloco, ffof, vermifire, roots etc. only need 1 cup while light warrior, sunshine, straight peat etc. can use 2-3 cups. When gathering native soil, try to get something sandy and/or red but avoid clay. Silty soil is ok but you’ll need to add some coarse Coco coir or twiggy mulch to create a 50/50 . While this mix is simple it does require a bit of experience in watering, the retention is high until the roots grow in, and when they do, expect signs of high calcium if using a prefertilized or pH buffed medium. The obvious remedy here is Epsom salts in every watering and kelp foliar at least once a week. 5 WEEK MINIMUM OF COOKING THIS MIX. Soil is done cooking when it has NO smell. After cooking and prior to use I recommend an alfalfa/mycorrhizal tea innoculation. Only extras I use is the occasional aloe or coconut flakes for foliar, and neem oil if absolutely necessary.

Happy growing! Don’t forget to question or comment! I can’t possibly elaborate on all of it in one go, so lmk what you think or if something looks wonky


used coffee grounds are sacred in my home …:man_farmer:


Just curious do you compost then use the coffee. Or do you just sprinkle some used coffee grounds on your soil. From the article it looks like you can do both. I have one plant that I have ph issues with, thinking about trying it.

I put it straight into my compostor and stir it up well or just hurl it over the flower beds and lawn, also slugs and snails hate it :sob:

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another point of view from 2016

I would NOT put a layer of the grounds over the soil…mix well or water it in.

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Thanks for the tips☺!!!

Yer welcome :santa:

You should check out BSFL. You can feed them almost anything and then dry and grind them shortly after for a no burn, no pest top dress :slight_smile: