My marijuana plants have skinny weak stem, fall over

A question from a fellow grower:

I have new plants that are about 10 days old. They shot up fast too
tall. They have a skinny weak stem and fall over looking like vines.
There are three different strains al acting the same. I have nine
strong plants in my grow room. I cannot figure out what I did wrong
with the weak ones. There are 35 plants. I have the stem on each plant
supported otherwise they fall over. How can I get the stem to grow
thicker? I did place a 400 dollar order with your company. Any
suggestions for my marijuana vines.

Sounds most likely they did not have intense enough light and they stretched too much reaching for more intense light.

Also having a light breeze to stir them around a little bit helps them add rigidity and strength to their stems as they are growing.

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Another idea I might add to the conversation is they may have been planted just a wee bit too shallow. They will lunge out of the soil and grow kinda viny as the try to push the tap root down into the soil.

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This happened to me also. I planted them 1/4 inch deep as recommended by ILGM but one is about 4" tall and started falling over today. I propped it up with 2 playing cards but not sure if that’s ok. I vary the light from 5 to 10 inches away to keep the temperature at 73 degrees.

They stretch because they are trying to get closer to more intense light. What kind of light are you using? I would try to get a stake of some sorts and use twisty tie to gently help support it till the stem can support it

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HydroFarm 24 watt, T5 florescent

Shoukd be able to move it to within a couple inches or so, 3 to 5 inches. @Majiktoker, @bob31, @latewood what do y’all think?

I have been raising and lowering it to keep the temp at 73 degrees. I thought that was what I was supposed to do. Usually the light is 8-10 inches away from the plants.

I belive it should be closer, that’s why they are wanting to stretch. Let’s see if the ones I tagged can help more than myself

Ok, thanks!

Likely you need stronger lights how many plants are you trying to grow

I have 10 plants

Simply said, you need more and stronger light that is nowhere near enough for 10 plants you need 35-50 Watts per sq ft

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Didn’t know he had 10 plants, he only mentioned the one he had to support

@Rambo If it were me depending on what point they are at regardless I would add soil it will strengthen your roots and help your stem not fall over especially if you have a few inches that you can add soil


I didn’t even think about adding soil, I’ve done that any times as well as having a stake or somethin to help support it as well

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Yeah, my first batch of girls were very stretched as well, I buried then in additional soil all the way to the first leafs…
They doing good now…

I’m out of likes that that will definitely make your roots superstrong I would barium and continue doing like you were with your last set

Yeah I had that with 1 of mine, and it was a simple fix, I put it in its larger pot only I planted it deeper, this way it just gives it stronger roots to start with, it was someone on here I think @Majiktoker that gave me the advice as he said to use a small fan to and she’s coming along fine


This is my first attempt at growing. After almost 4 weeks of inside growing, I have noticed a discoloration at the base of the leaves. Is this normal or is it indication of a problem I need to address?