My little sativa pheno nla

So should I be putting my patience hat and look at this grow like its a sativa with longer flower times?

I would say the patience hat is required regardless of the strain or pheno as that girl will not be ready for quite a while yet.


Nice looking plant
Let her grow

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I can’t wait for my next grow ,maybe get plants that big wit that much bud , SHIT I’ll wait a long time for that

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Yep. I’m waiting. These seeds I got from ILGM this is northern lights auto. First grow in 30 years.

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This was my first grow in 20 years an all I thought I knew went out the window, all I knew about was old Reggie as sativa, and it was great at the time but now the game has changed and I’m spending a lot more money than I did b4. But it’s worth it in the end, and once I get a better grip on this then it will be even easier I’m sure.

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Read and play around with them. It’s a weed and surprisingly they are tough. this is an ak-49 auto and I’ve got her all bent out of shape.

I also don’t use much. I made the soil, so nutes are taken care of, just add little during flower and tap water. I look at it as its a weed and weeds grow like weeds.

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Awesome, I can’t wait to try a main line, I think it would work great for me because I am limited on grow hight. Your plants look great!!!

U know what I’m gonna play a lil now what u think

Maybe it will help that branch grow a lil more

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Nice. Pull out and those nodes will rise up to become a cola