My little Goldleaf

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

The NorthernLights were great and and worked out fine. The GoldLeaf germinated quickly but however does not seem to growing well in the in the soil. Its been weeks since i received them and started germination and planting . The soil i used was new fresh bag of organic Roots Potting Soil. I’m hoping this will still work out, but it doesn’t look good right now for the GoldLeaf.


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Here’s more details about the customer’s grow.

I planted the smaller spout on the right, 5 days before the one on the left planted on 1-5-18

I have a nice NL growing for 45 days (soon to be put into flower), in the same soil i started the GL with.

A fresh bag of Roots Organic was used for the soil, the water pH is monitored and kept at 5.5 to 6.5

Living in a small apt. my biggest problem is low humidity, which i try to deal with everyday. Looking for a mini humidifier’

I’m using 2 stealth boxes about 24x36, my main box runs on about 150 watts grow lights LED,s

Second box I have a 100 watt florescent with 4-T5 bulbs about 18 months old


I use Roots Organics and it’s coco. Are you feeding them because there’s no nutrients in that medium.

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Sometimes when it doesn’t look like growth is happening on top ofnthe soil because the roots are working underneath. Once the roots get where they want, you should start to see the plant take off. Sometimes you just get “lucky” and find that one stubborn plant that will not get as big as the others. I could be wrong though. I call those “problem child” when I’m lucky enough to find em. I have problems with low humidity in winter because I have a gas heat and it dries out any moisture.

I got this one at walmart

This is an air innovations I purchased off of amazon. I have this in both of my 3x3 and 2x2