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Not digging through it, but this is from the EPA.


This one is closer on the shape. And it is a stink bug variation.


@Hollywood, @SmoknGranny, @Whodat66
Thanks for all the responses to my bug questions. I agree that it looks like a stink bug, that is what I was going with at any rate we have many variations around here.

@Hollywood. The soft train is going great. I am using 12 gauge wire at the moment it was hard to get around the younger growth. I am going to do the next long branches with 14 or 16 gauge instead. I have always wondered if it would be possible to do a long term grow with multiple harvests with a plant. just cutting of the mature buds and then put the plant back in veg to promote new growth for a few months and then force flower. Inside under lights of cores, but instead of killing the plant at harvest just remove the flower and start the cycle over again. What do you think?


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I’ve re-harvested before, but it has to be done on the money. If it was topped I don’t believe it will work. After u harvest, you will need to change your light cycle again, step back on water and high nitrogen. I re-potted them also. Plus the most important, the lower leaves and stems need to be left and hopefully it will work. A friend of mine supposivly genetically created a seed that grows year after year without re-seeding. There are flowers that have been modified the same way to go from an annual to a perennial flower. He won’t show me or anybody for that matter. He thinks he struck gold and will be a millionaire.


I really like what you are doing. We did a paper on weight from topping vs soft train and you are doing it the right way


@Hollywood Maybe I will give it a go next year with some good seeds. These are just some random plants from my uncle. Next year the fun begins.


I got ya!! I’ll send you stuff privately to show what I have going on the next few months.


That bug is a tree stink bug (does it have blue highlights on its body. When I cut down a tree that was dead those things were everywhere