My LIttle Corner Garden

Hello fellow growers, this is my first time posting in a forum so be patient with me. I thought I had more pic to share but I cant find them at the moment. I just finished smoking and after reading and checking out all the other grows, I figured I would share mine.

just a little about me I live in the lovely state of Michigan, Im 40 years old and have been self medicating for over 20 years, And this will be my first grow and now that I have my card.

Got theses from my uncle in may.

He told me they were about 2 months old.

I put them in the ground on Memorial day. I was still working on my grow room had some walls to finish and a few stumps to remove so I had to plant them closer together than I would like, but it is what it is.

Here are my girls after about a month in the ground.

The one on the left is an Indica (Blueberry), the one on the right I Sativa (unknow strain).

Took these a few days ago

My lovely wife standing behind the our girls is 5-3. The plant on the right is actually three plants but they were so close together that I just left them as they were.
I will post more as they come and I am going to try to get some pic of my room they were on an old phone


Nice looking girls they don’t look that big until you can’t see your wife lmao

When they’re done lets blast them! (the weed)

Not quit sure what that is for.

Here are some shots of our grow room as it is now, planning an expansion at the end of the grow.


Now that is looking cool! Good job. Plan it well and for the future. I went and bought a 10×20 lofted shed for the (I hope) winter grow. Plants are looking very nice and green.

Thanks. I am planning on adding another 8 x 13 foot section of the side across from the door, right now it is 9 x 9 but only about 6 feet gets good sun.

I also plan on running water and power out to it and setting up a drip system on a timer but that will be for next year.

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Canibus Extract/ closed loop system for live BHO shatter/butter/wax/sugar/oil. the GOOD STUFF! YUMMY!

I love the outdoor room! Could use some white paint on the interior, no?

Thought about it but still debating on if I am going to do it don’t want to draw too much attention from above. At least with it being brown is blends in little bit. its a work in progress maybe next grow.

I would honestly paint it. Maybe not white, but that osb plywood will swell and rot within a few months.

Is the box to keep deer and other herbivores out or something you can cover, restricting light hours to initiate flowering? Just wondering…

Per state law the grow has to be enclosed with locked door and some sort of roof. I plan to replace the osb with steel. Didn’t have the funds for it at the time and needed something fast. The steel should have a better reflective surface on it for 2019 grow, planning on around 10 plants. Fruity kush mix pack and pop culture mix pac. The addition will have a location for force flowering. I am still working on plans for the final space, I might cover it during flowering. We tend to get some heavy cold rain in the fall but not sure.


They look to me , nice colors and really full and Healthy looking. Maybe planting them close together wasn’t such a bad thing , they look GREAT , I think your going to happy with the yield your ladies give you !!!
Keep up the awesome job and Happy growing


If the tall one is not topped it will grow past the roof

Bro I f’n love that

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Super excited for harvest time. The tall girl is getting close to 7 foot I want to see if she will hit the roof before she starts to flower. The shot girl got toped really early and then it split on me. When I put her in the ground I pulled the four stems out as far as I could and a week later all the inner shoots had shot out the top. its hard to see form the pics, but there is over 20 tops. Yay

So I went for a walk out to the garden last night just to see what was going on.
saw a few of these on my girls.


To me they look like small grasshoppers but not sure.

Any ideas

Ordered two praying mantis pods for the garden. Just hope it’s not too late in the season for them to hatch. My ladys have baby crickets aphids and mealybugs I think.

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Still playing catch up on everyone’s posts spent last week end doing a paddle for brews, in Travers City, Mi. came home Saturday had b-day parts for cousins sat and sun. After that we packed for a 5 days of camping at the Brimley state part, in Brimley, Mi. I will post some pics just as soon a the wife gets them off her phone.

@SmoknGranny, @highcountrygal

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