My little bag seed outdoor grow

Hello world :slight_smile:

So after number of times of just throwing seeds into the ground and seeing what happens (nothing happened btw) I got a bunch of random bag seeds and decided to give it a go again…

This time I actually decided to look into how to germinated and nurture these little plants and here are my results so far…

In a nutshell so far…

  • 9 random seeds
  • 4 Germinated
  • Germination started on 27th of November
  • Souther Hemisphere
  • Outdoor grow in organic soil
  • Feeding nutes and molasses
  • Doing mainlining of all the plants with LST to try and control the height to some extent
  • Burnt them at the start of Jan with folliar feeding
  • They have managed to recover so far
  • Sex currently unknown
  • Snapped one of the plants (will put up photos) while tying down the branches. Dabbed it with propagation gel and wrapped with plumbing tape and now 4 days latter she seems to have healed about 80%

Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Ill give more detail as I go on and update :wink:

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@genex, welcome to the party! Feel free to ask any questions you may have. There are some really knowledgeable folks here. Give @Countryboyjvd1971 a jingle if you need any help. He’s really switched on with growing. Type @ and then add their handle. Welcome

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Quick little update on progress


Really nice photos and ladies you have there! Nice job

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Hi boys and girls, need some guidance.

The plants will have to be moved to a indoor set up.

I have 1.2x1.2x2m tent, 600w HPS, 6” filter, 6” centrifugal fan with speed control and a air cooled hood.

Temp/humidity meter, ph/ec/tds meters on the way as well.

They are in pots, not sure of the exact size but will be sufficient.

Soil is organic, currently being fed regularly nutes nix with 6-1-3 ratio and molasses every 3rd feeding.

Outside temps are around 30 - 40 degrees Celsius (86-104 F)

Plan is to use passive intake and negative pressure to contain, scrub and exhaust air out.

The tent will have to be outside the house in a covered but open air area.

I understand the issues with pests so will use need spray and garlic tea for the soil.

There will also be an oscillating fan down the bottom.

So…the 2 questions I have -

  1. Considering the outside temps with passive intake of the ambient temperature outside air, will the plants be ok with the tent temps slightly higher than the outside?
    Keeping in mind they are already outside and doing well in the temperature with direct sunlight exposure from about 8am until 3pm
    Low humidity climate as well.

  2. If this will be an issue, will it be too much stress for plants in late veg stage if I do the following -
    Bring the plants into a lit up tent around 3-4pm in the afternoon and have a initial 24h light to allow me to sync up to be able to run 14/10 with light on at night and reduce the temperature that way (night temps of 17/20 C?

Hope this makes sense and appreciate any input :slight_smile:


What is it called when the plants are zip tied to wire like that?

very curious… and what are the effects?