My lights are in just waiting on seeds!

so excited had to post. hahaha just waiting on seeds should be here any day now.


We know that feeling! Good luck!


Mine came Saturday afternoon :slight_smile:

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Sweet! What strain?

10 White Widows seeds. 9 sprouted but I’m not giving up on the 10th. I kept track of the seeds because I knew one looked small and green still. You guessed it! It was #10.

Soaked in water for 24 hours, then in dirt. 36 hours later they were starting to pop. So about 1.5 days old.

Run your setup now and see what temps/humidity are to get a feel so when the babies are home they’ll be happy. If you haven’t already. I ran for days making notes on temp and humidity before I ever put anything in the tent.

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It is running I am going to let it go and see how it works. so far so good.

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Good deal! :+1: You’ll be all set. The wait is tough!

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Any seeds in the mail today?

No seeds. Tomorrow will be 11 business days so hoping for then.

Took 13 days for me. Northeast USA. Good luck man!

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same here northeast USA

Fingers crossed for tomorrow but by Saturday for sure! My prediction.

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same here!

got the confirmation saying they’re in the air on Nov. 21st. (ordered 2 days prior)

Dec. 2nd today, I have a good feeling that they will be here! Agreed with M420, Saturday latest, judging by what I’ve read.

very happy, got the fruity mix pack, regular [non-auto] (10 seeds)
pineapple haze, blueberry, and strawberry kush

few CFLs for intro
just by looking at the thing, im assuming it can manage around 3 or 4 plants, assuming the reflections are pro.

using mylar (i know…) [but i guess its better than foil loooo

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Good luck with the mail today! Waiting is tough. I think I did the “It’s my birthday” dance at the mailbox last weekend.


Hahahaha That will be me if they come today. Super bored at work today nothing doing so all I can think about is what is in the mailbox at home.

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Dudeeee how I envy you, I’m just finishing my list of supplies! but hearing you guys in the US waiting almost 2 weeks for your little ladies, I might have to buy mine now so I don’t have everything set up and end up not sleeping with excitement for a month waiting on seeds! - even the thought of planting my (as of now) imaginary seeds is like Christmas when i was a kid!.
good luck with your grow and keep everyone updated :slight_smile: peace


The mail came… a coupon to Khols!


anyways, tomorrow =)

Aww, bummer.