My leaves over night turned gold

Ok so I have my dwc going and plants have been great u til I took them out of soil and put them in my dwc. The leaves started turnering copper but my ph is at a perfect 6.0 and I check twice a day. I pour Perrier water for the co2 and my net pots have about an inch of water at the bottom since the roots aren’t growing through yet. Using cal mag guardian angel to prevent bacteria and root rot, and the flora series. What could be the issue

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It will take about 2 weeks to adjust going from soil to hydro in soil it was used to 6.5 ph and now 6.0 in hydro.


First, quit doing this. The leaves take in CO² not your roots. Your roots need extra O² not CO². Use good distilled or reverse osmosis water till your leaves bounce back. Plus Perrier has a bunch of minerals in it that you can’t possibly monitor other than with a ppm meter but you really have no idea what all minerals are being taken up by your plant.

Second, getting dirt off roots to transplant from soil to hydro is not easily done and if any damage at all takes place on your root mass then the plants can begin to behave funny however the MegaFarmer @Bogleg has done it before. Maybe he can shed some light. Also you dont want dirt from the roots getting into your hydroponic reservoir

Third, I would go ahead and drop that pH up 5.7-5.8 if your gonna be checking it two times a day.


Assuming the roots weren’t damaged in the transfer and the roots were washed properly so you don’t have any kind of pythium/root rot issues going on (what do your roots looke like?), I’m going to say we can’t possibly know until you stop putting the Perrier in the bucket and let the plant run on regular, PH’d, aerated water with an appropriate level of nutrients in it.

Can we see a picture of the plant(s) in question, please?


I figured out it was root rot fixed the problem stoped using the Perrier water and added hydro clear to my nutrients mix and flushed my plants out with 6.0 water and redid the nutrients ever since then they are looking amazing! Here they are rt now at the end of the 8th week!(upload://aJtWaCRV1F0N7Jr5vxvXDGvR3NY.jpeg)