My leaves have been droopy for a few days now

Needs transplanting, it looks over watered, and there are no holes in the bottom of the container. Roots aren’t getting oxygen. Any combination of these at any given time even after it dries out will give you these symptoms.


Are the roots out of the light? The don’t like light either but I agree time for a bigger home.

The container has holes so there is drainage but it is clear so some roots are getting a little light. And i was also thinking it needs a transplant.

But another question. How will I know when this one is ready for a transplant ?

@Tayler52 I’d suggest going from solo cup to permanent pot. You want to keep your transplanting to a minimum. They look good so far.

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I may be seeing things … can you get a close up on the area I circled

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How are those

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That’s a male plant just an fyi. I’m not sure how new to growing you are but if your unaware then that’s what it is.


I think it’s a hermie

Good trained eye for detail. @Watt-Sun :+1:


Does that mean im right about being a hermaphrodite?

Not seeing any female preflowers, just male preflowers, it’s a boy.

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agreed…straight Male… no hermi

Are these not pistils and pollen sacs?

@Hellraiser @if3gt4 @imSICKkid @Covertgrower

Looks like peckers to me as well.

Should I cut it down then?