My leaves have a rusty color

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have question for u done no if u can help but i chech the ph in my soil after a flush and my ph is around 4.5 and 5 now my leaves have a rusty color to them i put lime in to bring the ph up and it moved up to 5.5 in two days is that right or should i add more thank u

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You should add more if its not coming up
You’ll want to get soil ph in 6.3-6.8 range
And dont feed anything untill you correct the ph issue
But best and easiest way to control your ph imo
Is using ph up and ph down
Here a starter kit thats not expensive and will last a grow or two

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If you can put up a picture in natural light it would be helpful too.

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Thank u im going to put some pics on after work i have ph up and down of my nutrients is it the same i thought abot adding it but wasent shur havent had this problem befor i have to get my dirt from lowes so i use 50% peat moss 25% play sand and 25% perlite and 2 tlbs of fast acting lime. I must of mest up some where would it be best to transplat them

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Looks like Calcium deficiency issues.

As mentioned above the ph needs to be corrected youll lock out nutrients with the ph so low raise to 6.5 and watch new growth


I should add ph up to some water and add it to the soil right someone i was talking to sead pour it in the soil but that dont sound right to me crect me if im wrong

PH your water and never exceed the maximum PH for your medium. In this case soil at 6.3 to 6.8. You could PH at 6.8 and use that to bring it up but you are way off. Based on the description of your soil it sounds like it’s nutrient free. More like a media.

I feed it fox farm nuts soil was fine till i flushed it this is the first time uts ever happened to me and i for got to say it has rabbit poo in it

Just chech on my plants and now the ph is at 5.5 they are starting to look better and even smell good agen i add two more tbsp of lime im going to check them in the am and hopfuly the where they need to be thanksvto everone that has and does help

If you’re growing in soil, your PH needs to come up to a minimum of 6.1. it would be better around 6.3ish for veg. but if it fluctuates a bit its okay.
Your soil should buffer the PH, when its within a certain range as well. But its not going to buffer it an enormous amount.

Thank u for the info i finely got them stratined out after about two week of messing with the ph when i was looking for a good soil for them whit out paying a fortion i found a peatmoss blind and no one sead any thing about puting lime in it that what i did wrong but now there going strong and look and smell so good thank to everone that helped

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