My leaves are having some problems

A question of a fellow grower:
Can you please help me… I have a question about my plant I have some leaves that are having some problems can you tell me what the problem is ?

Hi I’m no expert but I had the same sort of thing happen a while ago and it was because I was over watering them. I don’t know if it’s the same problem but looks similar.

Are you feeding the plants with a spray bottle on the leaves? Sometimes they act like a magnifying glass and will burn the leaves. You could have bugs , check the underside of the leaf.

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check ph and ppm of runoff, if out of range fix that first

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The leaves look very dry to me. When was the last time that you watered and how close is the light

It’s mostly the bottom leaves. I water it every 3 days with a gallon. The light is about 8 inches away . There are no bugs under the leaves. I’m in the second week of flowering

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check your runoff ph and ppm. your problem is there