My Lady's are I'll what's the problem... Sheeesh!

What in the world is going on now, seems like I can’t win for losing. PLEASE help guide this poor lost soul. Thanks!!!


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First pic looks like she may have gotten a little cold. No big deal normally when those darker colors pop up in flower.

The next few im less sure of. What have you been giving them? And do you check your solutions numbers?

What medium?

And what kind of light at what distance?

Where’d those other pics go?


Like @PurpNGold74 said kinda need a little more information to be able to help.

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Temp has never gone below 67 lights off and no higher than 83 lights on. growing in Coir, Aglex Cobb 2000 full spectrum, 30". 10 days ago topped with Gaia 284, Cal-mag and great white Mycorrhizae. Friday topped with worm castings and horticultural hydrated lime, then probably went a bit to far with a Monday feed of (2) tspns Roots organics 364

I think that explains the burnt tips of the other photos. Bit too much, im assuming that happened after the 364 additive?

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These are autos. prior I ran photos and every feeding i was giving the 364 w/ no problem

sure thing

Autos in my experience are a bit more picky. Maybe ur ratio was off a bit, maybe the strain is just more partial to lighter feedings. But if the biggest change seen after adding the 364? Kinda points at itself.


So you think that’s what is causing the purpleing in the leaves. Photos might not show it well

The purpling is colder temperatures (more then likely).

The yellow tips look like nutrient burn.

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Just RO for a week, or do I need to flush???

Temp now is 70 w/ RH 45, may go down to 67 that’s about it.

Grow environment hasn’t changed in 2 months. 67-68 lights off, 80-83 on. has to be nutes like you stated!!!

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Ok for the record. The above pics showing are fine. Bit of nute burn (yellow tips) and bit of purpling (genetic or temp related im betting)


This however is bad nute burn. These plants need flushing, or proper runoff/solution numbers. Like what is the total ppms and pH of the things you are adding and what are you seeing coming off. These are the plants I kept saying need to be checked. Not the 2 pics at the top, they just look cold.

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Just letting her ride out as one of our fellow growers suggested with RO from here. Maybe a month left and fearful of Shocking. these are her best sides and the nugs are the size of my fist. Not all nugs shown.