My lady made beautiful flowers and seed to boot!


Why did it make the seeds these were ILGM superskunk feminized autos?

It’s not uncommon when the plant experienced stress (e.g. pH or temperature extremes) sometime during the grow. Don’t worry, your end product should be fine.


Will these seeds be viable and will they b a cross of the two different species as feminized autos??

They should be viable. I’m not sure what two different species you are referring to. They should be Super Skunk, the same as the plant they came from.


IMO I wouldn’t use the seeds. They could produce males screwing up you’re entire garden.

I second the opinion of stress causing seeds. I had two in my last plant. My light was too close at one point and the nutrients were also high. So not sure what caused the seeds.

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I’m not sure I used the three part system from emerald harvest along with overdrive. I did tend to the plants during dark hours as I thought light leaks and such didn’t affect autos

From what I have seen I am guessing it’s a feminized process thing, to make a feminized seed you stress out a female plant causing it to produce male flowers. The male is off a female only female genes so pollination for them give feminized seeds. The stress of any offspring can cause male flowers. I have found male flower on two plants and I plucked them. Mine were on a lower branch pretty obvious, other come out in buds and are harder to see.

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