My laboratory indoor hydro multi strain 1 reservoir

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Its BlackBerry kush by ilgm,
Ghost train haze by rare darkness
Banana OG X cookies n cream by AGL
Deth star. X STAR killer by CT pharm.
Coming soon
Haunted trails strain by theraplant from 33%thc buds…
The banana og X cookies was @ 33%
The deth star crossed wit star killer was @ 33%
110% planning on hitting or exceeding that 33% mark. Fed them everything in perfect ratios. Only day 19 flower! Looking good AND my timer got stuck so it had 2 days light

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Make sure to wait until picture upload says 100% and turns into a check mark.

Pictures in natural light and gotta wait for page to load.

What kind of lights are you running? All those strains just happen to be exactly 33% THC?

Yeah every single one I snagged from the dispensary cuz it was first phenotype at 33%
Sum were like 33.5 sum like 32.7 but close enuf.

First generation phenotype is always a good bet for seeds cuz they havent perfected it yet so they get seeds here n there.

I just scored 4 haunted trails seeds also 33%.
All this weed came out fantastic and it all cloned well. Clones are outside in promix already HUGE! This will definitely be the biggest plant I’ve ever grown

I pulled almost a full pound dried off one of the deth star plants.

(In southern accent)
I learned how to do it from my Daddy’s daddy

I do have a dawgz waltz X the white seed that was 24%. I still cant wait to drop her tho! It’s super pretty weed and has that old stool puff smell. But yes, I assure you I did not come here to bull shit.

I carefully selected my 3 best strains to accompany the black berry kush since I was doing hydro and wanted to use them here first.
I will re clone the clones of deth star and cookies n cream X banana OG and run a room of those with the 4 haunted trails seeds in hydro after the outdoor harvest/clones are nice and bushy!

My girl says the ghost train haze wasn’t 33% rather 29 but it’s all fire
GTH by CT pharmaceuticals originally bred by rare darkness is notorious for cloning easy. I didnt get as much weight as the deth star though. If any of you can ever get ur hands on deth star or star killer seeds, go for it! They hate the cold though, they’d show purple b4 the rest and itd always only occur wen my water temps went too low.
Overall great grow.
I used metal halide 1000 accompanied by 2 T5’s then switched to HPS 1000 watt.
That was too expensive so I bought 4 full spectrum 1000watt LED with switches for each specific color and it cost 1/10th of what the 1000watt HPS was costing me, and my power never blew again cuz it draws less.

I did not use all 4 Led’s that would’ve been excessive
I used one 1000watt
I ordered 4 for when I run an entire room.
My decision is to run all the strains I have except the ghost train haze might be done after this outdoor grow if she doesnt produce more, however I believe I topped her too many times for a fast growing sativa and outside size wont be an issue so I’m hoping that only topping her once and tying down the branches might allow for better bigger bud development.
All the rest reacted fine but its definitely no good running a sativa amongst several Indicas.
I hope to have half the room deth star and the other half either blackberry kush and 4 haunted trails which is 7 ghosts X grape stomper and shuld grow short and bushy like blackberry kush and fit right in

This will not be until winter time though. I will post outdoor pics as I am experimenting with multiple different training methods to see which works best
Any advice on these fast vegging sativa plants will help me a lot. I only ever grew Canadian skunk weed as a sativa everything else has always been kush or Afghan, so that I’ll quickly admit I need to work on, but quality was still there… just want higher yield off it and to preserve the genetics but I can’t keep cloning a strain if it wont grow as much weed when I have 6 other strains that will…
I kno u can relate to filtering out ur best strains to clone and grow again!
Deth star all the way!