My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued


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Looking phenomenal @Myfriendis410 thanks for tagging me in! I’ll set it to watching so I can stop by more regularly. Loving the JH. I’ll be watching that one.


@Covertgrower it’s definitely beating the other two.


Oh My! Got a beautiful grow going on!!!


Awesome, @Myfriendis410 I’m still loving the diy scrog set up.

I’m setting up an out side grow on my back pouch for some veggies and strawberries. I’m stilling that idea :bulb: for the the strawberry for sure, most likely tomato :tomato: and cucumber :cucumber: also.


That’s only fair @Wishingilivedina420state as I stole it from someone else haha!


Lol :laughing: awesome


I like to think of it as a sort of game of follow the leader… Stealing is a bit harsh! LOL


Well said @bob31


Update October 18, 2017:

I’ve been reducing the light by 1 hour per night and tonight they will see 12 hours. So, official flip!

Yesterday the plants were flushed with 10 gallons of ph 5.8 tap water each and today is a resting day. Tomorrow will be the first transition feeding of GH Grow, Bloom and Armor Si. Target is around 600 ppm. Cal Mag on water only days.

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Officially flipping is fun! Have they started flowering since reducing light yet? @Myfriendis410


You go @Myfriendis410! Flipping to flower should be a national holiday! lol


That’s awesome can’t wait to see pics of your girls.Today is my flip also due to a bad timer.



@rodri59, @DieHigh55


Vewwy purdy!!

Hey @Myfriendis410 what are you thoughts on lolli-popping, or pruning the leaves below the scrog? Do you plan to do it or not? I am on the fence about it.

Seems everything I read on the subject it ends up being an even split of those who think it is a good idea and those who do not?


Seems the case with nearly everything,eh?! :wink: Does make it challenging, as a newbie, to know what to do but I think the diversity also shows what a hearty plant it is :sunglasses:


I’ll trim up some because I don’t care about popcorn buds and the rest I’ll let the plant guide me. But remember that mine spend time outdoors so get better coverage than just under lights.


Ain’t that the “troof.” :slight_smile:


@Myfriendis410 when you harvest I would like to see what size your popcorn buds are you speak of. If you have a moment to snap a pic of one. I’ll snap a pic of mine when I chop mine down later today. I’m only curious as to what size is labeled a “popcorn” flower.