My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued


370g, that’s almost half a kilo, almost a pound! To quote Eric Cartman…“Swwweeeeeet!”


Let me know about this one. I have been looking into the Jack Herer strain for a soon future grow. Supposed to have a long lasting high? anyhow…
Good Job on the Harvest. Maybe I can get up to that some day.


I can’t find a plant that grows better than the gold leaf. Is it made for beginners or is it just awesome?


Hey way to go with the sour diesel. You’re going to find that one’s going to be your go to for everything. But as Mr. fever says that goldleaf looking pretty scrumptious too.


Here’s a tasty looking one from the manicuring session this morning. @Willd, @Laurap, @DieHigh55, @bob31, @Countryboyjvd1971, @Wishingilivedina420state


Both buds are for you @Myfriendis410 , nice job. I don’t drink any more but the green wiser is looking nice. Just got home and gotta trim the last plant today and put in jars. My stash went right back up. So happy I haven’t bought weed in 3 months. My wife is even happier cause I don’t ask for weed money. Keep growing my friend and getting better and better.


It looks like your Bud kicked @$$ On the Bud Light! hahaha :v::+1::grinning::us::palm_tree:


I liked the reviews on this strain and decided to try it. It’s funny: when I tell people that I’m growing it they say “Wow! That was my favorite back in the day!”. It is easily staying ahead of the Gold Leaf and the Monster Cropped clone.


3 seeds soaking. One White Widow, one Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and another Sour Diesel.

SCROG’ED the GL last Sunday.

Reduced the solids on my feeding schedule and went to every other day. Feed and water instead of feed feed water. EC (NaCl) today was 1,425, ph 5.8. I also started on a dose of cal mag + for coco. Starting week 9 on seeded plants. Week 8 on clone.

Any thoughts or suggestions? @Wishingilivedina420state, @bob31, @garrigan65, @Countryboyjvd1971, @rodri59, @Majiktoker, @Medforme, @GreenThunder, @Willd, @MindlessCorpse



I. Love the scrog, did you make that @Myfriendis410


I did, but it’s someone else’s design on this site. Costs about $20 all up. 2 lengths of 1/2" schedule 40, 1 of 3/4" schedule 20 . I’ll put up a picture of one tomorrow for you to copy.


Do you feed or water each day? Is this something different between coco and soil?


I’ll be looking too :sunglasses::eyes::v:


Coco is technically hydro. So, yes; it requires feeding almost daily. There are some who feed twice a day. You have to be concerned about salts so there are multiple flushes, but I am liking the process very much!


@garrigan65, @Donaldj, @latewood, a question about coco: what tds value would you like to see for plants in their 9th week of veg using GH grow, Armor Si, Floralicious and Cal mag + as their feeding regimen? I have only found conflicting answers. Everything from 900 ppm to 2,100 ppm.

Thank you for your help and advice.

Unknow seeds. But will be good to learn with

@rodri59, @Wishingilivedina420state, @GreenThunder, here’s a couple of shots of the SCROG. You can tailor the base for your pot size and everything is dry fit. No cement. The height is adjustable up 12" and the screws lock it in.

8 ea 1/2" pvc T’s, 4 elbows. 4 ea 3/4" T’s, 4 elbows. String and screws and tie wraps. The pvc cutter is worth it’s cost.

The fruity pack and gold leaf begain

Very cool :sunglasses: @Myfriendis410 very cool. I wish I had more grow space for something like that.


This set up is brilliant @Myfriendis410! Already showed hubby your pics and we are going to try this for the next grow over the winter! Thanks for the pictures!!! :heart:


I would expect them to have ppm around 1100-1500 not much lower or higher