My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued


Thanks @Jmesser80, @Countryboyjvd1971! Looking like the Gold Leaf is going to come down too. I guess taking them out all summer sped up the flower and bud process. But only 6 weeks??


Bravo! @Myfriendis410 Well done Sir! You’re going to wind up with a pretty decent dry amount as well!


Woohoo @Myfriendis410 taking the gold leaf :leaves:
Nice :+1:


1,102 grams green weight trimmed. Will post in the appropriate category.



Coco girls fed yesterday, GH Grow, Armor Si, Floralicious, 1,980 ppm, 5.8 ph in, 6.0 out. Gonna pick up 5 gallon felt pots because these girls are too big for their current pots.

Got the GL on the racks last night: amazing how much different the two smell now!


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Once they are cured, I’d be very interested to hear your opinions on the different strains and how they smoke, stuff like that!


I’m interested too! The only stuff I’ve had is what I’ve grown and that’s limited to bag seed, WW and Og Kush. All good but I’m “branching” out, (get it? Haha) I ought to be able to leave it alone until some actual cure has occurred because a month in the jar is a HUGE difference!


Do you feed your girls everyday, and beginning from when in the grow? Im doing a soil grow for a change instead of coco, wanna see if my nute supply lasts longer with less watering. And an excellent harvest you ended up with!


Thanks, Alan! The coco girls get feed roughly 2 days in 4 at this stage. I’m running 2 tsp/gallon of GH Grow for a tds of around 2,000 and they love it. As far as nutes go, those are pretty economical. Coco has to be more expensive though. … @DieHigh55.


Yeah it’s seems the girls acquire a ferocious appetite for nutes in coco…co…co, as there aren’t any in coco. Trying a soil grow now after 3 coco grows
to see if there is a difference in the nutrient demand, I expect less of a demand hence, more € savings. Analytical thought process thanks to Commander Spock🖖 and Dr. House.


We LOVE House! Watched that whole series years ago. Hugh Laurie was it? @DieHigh55


SCROG’ed the Jack Herer today. I was pretty impressed by the technique so thought I’d get an earlier start this time.


Easy as it can be! Unless you’re like me… @Myfriendis410 lol


Hugh Laurie indeed. Just discovered this series recently, now I faithfully watch at least one episode every day. Dude plays a mean guitar and piano too.


Dry weight 370 grams from the original 1,370 grams from my Sour Diesel. Just over 13 ounces.

Gold Leaf will be today or tomorrow with this low humidity.

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Nicely done @Myfriendis410 woohoo :raised_hands: enjoy the fruits of your labor brother
Let me know how the goldleaf goes :v:


Yeah, I’m interested too, but it’s going to be a while: I’m spoiled with properly cured bud so right now it’s kind of nasty haha.


Hahaha I understand brother


Wonderful harvest my friend