My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued


Update July 30,2018:

White Widow is in the SCROG.


GSC-X, Sour Diesel X2

Gold Leaf

Caramelicious auto

@Willd here you go.

The GL got a serious flush yesterday as the TDS numbers were fairly high (over 2,000) so she got Flora Kleen, 50 gallons of tap water and:

2 gallons PH’d R/O
Open Sesame
Armor Si
Raw sugar
Liquid Kool Bloom (1/4t)


thanks. Looking might mighty there as well.




As always :grin:


@spyonyou I don’t know if you have seen my journal; here it is. It’s kinda long but there’s some good info buried in the thread.


Update from August 6, 2018:

Had to take down the Caramelicious auto: bud rot set in.

This is a view of some of the damage.

Drowsing in the sun

Girl Scout Cookies


White Widow

ILGM Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel from an ILGM SD that seeded

Everything is on 12/12 with bloom nutes. All flushed and happy.


I really really really hate bud rot :rage:


Humidity or worms :bug: the culprits? Or genetics?


I didn’t find any critters on the plant so I’m assuming the high humidity is the culprit. When I got done washing the plant (45 minute soak in peroxide/water) I found additional incursions of mold and spent a fair amount of time doing a close visual and removing anything at all suspect. It looks good; I’m getting the moisture content down quickly for a couple of days then slow it down.


Sorry about the bud rot. How’s it looking now?


Oh, I harvested the plant last week: she’s drying now.


So I read, I was wondering how the dripping was coming along.

Edit: it was supposed to say drying, but that works lol


It’s doing well. I have a couple more days before trimming and putting in jars for cure. We’ll see how the aromas develop.

Perpetual garden stage 2

Update August 23, 2018:

Back from Colorado and was able to catch up with the girls. Here they are today:


Wow another one of my wish I was in your backyard with you. Great job


Gorgeous as always!


Those are some beauties! I bet you missed them.


I think it’s so cool to see how much they’ve grown after being away for a day or two.
Great job!


Outstanding grow, @Myfriendis410. It comes to be expected from you, buddy :+1:


THANK you! High praise from all of you. Like @Not2SureYet said when he stopped by yesterday: they’re at the fun part now.