My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued


Nice pictures, the yard looks nice and full :grinning: Every one look nice and healthy. Good to know about the Caramel. I will not the day to see when my magnum starts. it is a day older than yours.


Beautiful plants!


@Big123 this is the best time; when the plants finally reach critical mass and start to GROW haha!

Base water (pond) 50/50 with R/O 3 gallons 350 ppm

1/4 t Superthrive
1 t Armor Si
4 t Grow More Sea Grow
3 T raw sugar

TDS 1,300 PPM

PH to 6.2 in everything but the Caramelicious which is in coco. The rest are in Promix. Keeping PH at the low end, recommended by Cheryl.


@Myfriendis410 Some seriously happy ladies!


Gold Leaf clone

Crystal photo

White Widow photo

ILGM Sour Diesel photo

GSC-X photo

Sour Diesel from home, photo

Caramelicious auto

Gold Leaf in the SCROG

Small plants transplanted into 3 gallon (except for the clone)
Two large plants on bloom nutes as of Saturday. Light schedule has been dropping from 16/8 to 13/11 tonight and 12/12 in two days.


I can’t believe you actually allowed yourself to post a plant picture with a shadow on it! This is not the myfriendis410 I know…


I did; didn’t I?