My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued


The whole time I drooled over that pic I kept thinking about your blistered fingers come harvest time lol.


Very nice @Myfriendis410 hope you have a bowl trimmer! So many hours of hard work otherwise! But it’s a happy kind of hard work…


It’s kinda feeling like fall here Darren! For us, that’s temps in the 50’s and breezy with clouds. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 70°.

The only reason these look so good is because I listened to the experts and did what I was told and ate my peas lol.


Lol, yeah be prepared to listen to the experts, they know what they are talking about, I can’t see it ever becoming legal to grow here in the UK, it’s the beginning of winter for us, we could have snow at any time or we could just miss us again for a year,But It’d Have To Be a Sturdy plant to grow outside in the UK as it’s very cold and wet and our summer time specially in Wales, is very hit and miss whether we get one or not


@Myfriendis410 If you want a good plant and a heavy yield…always make sure your stalks are that thick. Good job! tips hat


He needs a chain saw!


Amazing how fast they grew!


@Willd, @Countryboyjvd1971, @bob31 a question: the Jack Herer and the GL SCROG are cleaned up on the bottom. Flipped 10/18 and I called transition in 6 days using @Donaldj advice. The plants are so tight that serious thinning needs to happen inside the SCROG or I could remove them from the fixtures. But that presents potential problems. What do you think? Scroll up and you’ll see. …


Looks great to me. The only thing I see as a potential improvement is removing a few of the bigger fan leaves to open up the airflow and allow more light. As far as removing the SCROG apparatus. I’d say no unless absolutely necessary. I had a similar issue and ended up removing the screen before flowering & doing LST on half. Their stems continued to strengthen when they went into flower and were able to support themselves.

After removing the SCROG from the other 6 because I just couldn’t manage the undergrowth, many of the stems with bigger kolas flopped over under their own weight. They were fine but needed support and more attention to try to keep them upright and not breaking the stalk of the plant.

I’m going to try it differently next time and not top & FIM nearly as much before putting them outdoors.
Peroxide and water in a spray bottle will keep that little bit of powdery mildew to a minimum as well.


That’s actually gypsum dust condensed on some dew that dripped there lol. But I’m watching! @Willd


good to know. good eye. I thought it somewhat surprising to see what I thought was PM in your region anyway.


I’ll do that. That was my first thought.


@Myfriendis410 well it’s your own fault for growing such monsters. Now you have to deal with too much growth? Lol everyone wishes they had that problem. :grinning:


They’re doing a good job of choking everything off. I’m not afraid to thin out a plant if it needs it. I’d much rather have healthy colas than one beat up old umbrella haha!


@Myfriendis410 I’m with @Willd and his solid advice! Thanks for the tag! They look great!


Update, November 13, 2017.

Transplanted the little girls into 2 gallon fabric pots. Completely root bound.

Had to spray the big girls for powdery mildew and put a base on the monster cropped Gold Leaf because it’s prone to falling over.

Upped the nutes per GH although I’m staying well below their recommendations. I’m at around 900 ppm with a strong dose of bloom nutrients.

This is just before transplant. You can really see the sativa in the GSCX as it’s 2 weeks younger than the other 2.

Gold Leaf week 4

And a Jack Herer.


Beautiful looking. I hope my JH will look half as good as yours @Myfriendis410


@daz49, @Screwauger, @bob31, @bluntley420, @BIGE, @Willd, @GreenThunder, @dbrn32, @DieHigh55, @SmoknGranny




Thanks! I’m liking these lower values of nutrients!