My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued

@dbrn32 I am modifying my grow space to accommodate the new fixture added to the other two today. Currently they are on hangers in my grow box and it occurred to me that I could run them right on the roof if I rebuilt it. This allows the advantage of having the heatsinks completely out of the grow space, it adds 8 inches of vertical height and I can add active cooling if it becomes necessary (from the outside). My wife is home today so I’m taking advantage of her being here today.

First though; a couple of hits of Jack Herer and finish assembling my third light.


Sounds pretty sweet! Will that hamper height adjustments any?

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I always adjust “up” with the plants so no difference from what I do now. I have adjustable table legs for the deck and a “Homer” works well too haha!

Here’s the current setup. 9" into the space.


looks great @Myfriendis410 i’m working on getting materials for another home build!


Looking good!

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Building lights and smoking JH sounds like a great way to spend a day!


Installed! I noticed that I have a bunch of lights out in one fixture, but the driver is turned down and maybe below the trigger voltage for some of them. @dbrn32 what are your thoughts?

That gained me 9 inches.


I’m like a deer in headlights looking at your lights lol. Can’t…look…away…


good to see you left room for the tanning chair :sunny:


Nah, shouldn’t be driver being dimmed. That controls current.

It’s on multiple different strips too?


Yes. All on the same fixture. This is the second one I built.

Holy crap! My BOM seeds arrived already!


wow,that was freaky fast!!!

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They were good for a while and now they’re out correct? I would probably take a look through all the connections on the output side of driver.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense since most are powered up, but sometimes a little voltage being drug down somewhere can do that.


I checked all of the connections and saw nothing that could have caused the lights to fail. I have two strips: one with 3 and the other with 4 but they’re a couple of banks apart. It appears to me that I have a failure. Maybe when these were wave soldered they missed making a decent connection…

I’ll order a couple more and scrape these off when they get annoying. Right now it’s a negligible amount.

Hooked up my “kill a watt” and two fixtures running at 50% is 240 watts even! Working on buttoning up the light leaks on top and getting ready to transplant and SCROG next week.


Out of likes, but you have to love that dimming!

I would reach out to bridgelux, I believe they have some sort of warranty. Fortunately, I’ve never had to use it. I know cost is marginal, and will probably take longer than just buying a couple new strips, but I’d do it anyway.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they shipped me from the same lot on that fixture. Interesting that they ran (I think!) for a month is odd. Perhaps we damaged them during the move but we were exceedingly careful. Right now it’s not worth doing anything about.

They’re pretty tough in my experience, but it’s hard to say. I was actually thinking more of a possibility that a wire got bumped, knicked, or jostled in a connector or something.

I pulled my hair out on a cob build once for two days. They were in series and I couldn’t get the thing to light for the life of me. I ended up stripping a wire short and it was held by insulation in connector lol.


Here’s a better set of pictures after the lights were moved.

Top of the box

Inside top

Lights on


did you figure out why some leds were not working?

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