My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued

Ah, if only I could haha!

I’m pretty happy with how she’s looking so far, and the Crystal and White Widow are stacking like mad. I have a little bit of foxtailing going on with the GSC-X and the two Sour Diesel but the only one I’m at all concerned about is the first one.

Tomorrow is harvest for the first of the two Sour D’s: I’ll have to get some pics.


I’m not able to tag you for some reason but I just started 1 and had questions about lighting I got 2x300watt leds and I’m day 17 from seed is it cool to hit them head on with the lights ?

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I start mine under a single Meizhi “300” watt (actually 150) and all of my seedlings stay under that one light for the first 4 to 6 weeks. No sense burning more electricity than you need. I also transplant up several times to keep them densely packed. Not something you should attempt lightly with autos but photos are no problem. Once they spread out to the point they can’t be under one then I either move them or add another light.

I did the entire veg cycle using 2 of these lights. Caveat: I do take them out for sun every chance I get.

What’s the name of your journal? I’ll look for it.

Okay cool I may be trying to rush them into something there not ready for they was good 1st few days until I closed the tent and they got stressed from heat and messed the leaves up pretty bad but they shook back since then growing fast still

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So what’s the name of your journal?





Beautiful fat buds, I’d guess at least 4 ounces.

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Such beauties. I bet they smell superb.

Based on the 20% rule; I should see around 12 oz. from this plant.


What’s this 20% rule you refer to?

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Holy Cow :cow2: fabulous, I actually feel better knowing how far off I guessed.

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The dry weight is around 20% of the “green” weight; which includes trim and stem. The bulk of the weight is of course; water. So I had 3 lbs green. 20% should be around .6 lbs. so 11 or 12 oz. You can fudge it either way depending on how aggressively you trim (I’m a “moderate” fan) but it’s a good rough hack at your dry weight.

It’s kinda cool when you have 20 lbs of branches to deal with. @Big123 is gonna have over 100 lbs!


Here’s a couple of shots this evening.


Sour Diesel

White Widow



I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve seen the whole grow pic. That looks dank af!


I have the lights turned all the way down! A 4 X 6 box overpowered by 600 watts of light! I’m running em at 360 now. They are happier now. That’s some bad ass lighting, dude!


Ya, you have plenty haha. There’s still a lot of focus on the power consumption of lighting, and not s good understanding of how much more efficient a lot of the leds we can work with are. I remember when I joined here s few people were questioning how I vegged my 2x2 with an 80 watt light. A year later Matt is pulling over 5 zips flowering with 100 watts in same space. It’s expensive, but it’s an investment that pays for itself in one grow typically.


I really need to start stretching my damn thumb out to hit the a instead of the s lol. Or proof read.

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I think I chopped one top today that felt like it weighed at least a pound.