My Journal Started As One Thing And Went Off The Rails Continued

Finally starting a grow journal. My focus started with a Jack Herer and is now a Gold Leaf and GL clone, all in coco.

I’ll start with the JH sprout and add as I go.

At 1 week

At 2 weeks

At 3 weeks

Using GH grow, ph 6.0. I had a little trouble early on because I was ph’ing a gallon of water to use and I’ve been using citric acid to ph down. The problem is (I found out later) that it’s only good for about 8 hours and so I was watering my seedlings in ph 7.8 water for 2 weeks. Oops! No harm, they look good now.


And here she is today along with the GL fem. JH planted on 7/23 so 1 month today. GL on 7/28

And the GL

And the clone

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This is straight coco/vermiculite already washed and I’ve added nothing to it. My plan at this point is to use the General Hydroponics two part Grow and Bloom for this.


Nice brother! That should be a tent load! @Myfriendis410 Just switched to WATCHING and fastened my seat belt! Let’s do this! :palm_tree::+1::v::grinning:


Awesome, awesome @Myfriendis410! :sigh: I am envious you got your Gold Leaf to take hold and grow. We are not having any luck with ours :frowning: We have 3 seeds left and are apprehensive to try again. When/if we do try again, I might come sniffing around your door for any help you can offer :slight_smile: great job and I learned something new today, don’t use citric acid

@rodri59, I don’t think citric acid is a bad thing if you use the water right away. In fact: the ph rising can be taken advantage of and one could say, ph for a water-only watering in soil, ph down to 6.0 from say 7.0 with citric acid and as the ph goes up over time, different nutrients reach peak solubility.

I’ve been using it in my grows with excellent results but it’s not stable for storage and it almost bit me where the led’s don’t shine haha.

Don’t give up on the Gold Leaf! It’s a ridiculously vigorous plant. I have one 3 weeks in flower now. She’s telling everyone ELSE what to do lol.


I don’t think I have words.
Is that beautiful or is that issues I’m seeing? Soooo different from what I normally see

Looking good @Myfriendis410


Congratulations my friend, you’ve got baby girls!


Transplant day today. 1 gallon fabric pots and some mykos. Lots of roots!

They just got ph 5.8 water today with about 10% runoff. They are at 1/4 strength now, going up to 1/2 strength next feeding.

I was especially gratified by the root ball on the GL clone. She’s looking better than the GL seedling. But the JH was root bound!


They all look great @Myfriendis410

You better start building your SCROG now! That Jack Herer is gonna be a big girl? She is only two days older than the other one and looks to be 1/3rd larger?


Yeah, and they are visibly growing too. I expect now that they were transplanted that after the next feeding they’re going to explode.

Here’s a better shot of my SD main cola. It’s gonna be a monster @bob31.


That is certainly a thing of beauty! @Myfriendis410 How tall is she?

Overall height is 36", the cola about 12".


Very nice. That’s gonna be a keeper there! @Myfriendis410

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Today’s shots. They’re really responding to the nutes.


Jack Herer on the left, Gold Leaf clone in the middle, Gold Leaf on the right. GH Grow, 1/2 strength, ph 6.0.

Gold Leaf flipped with the two Sour Diesel on 8/5

Sour Diesel 1 out of the SCROG

Sour Diesel 2


Looking good brother! @Myfriendis410


The little ones are enjoying the shady part of the yard and have really shot up. The Jack Herer is nearing 10", the Gold Leaf at 8" and the GL clone at 6.5".

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