My journal, first time


I use it for my heating. I want to schedule different temps that follow my 18/6 light schedule. I want 75ish degrees for 18 hours and like 65 to 70 for the 6 hour dark cycle.


Thats how mine is set up. Can you send me an Amazon link or the model number of your inkbird? I’m sure that part is do able.


Its the itc 608t. Im not worried about the humidity though. So no worries there. The instructiins in the manual are VERY vague.


Ok- here goes nothing… Follow the flow chart on page 17 of the manual. It makes sense eventually… Your unit CAN have 12 stages (I only use 4) you have to set that once you get to STT (default setting is 1) once you get to STT press up or down until you get to the number of stages you want to use. Then once you scroll through you’ll see SO1 (temp for stage 1) SO2 (temp for stage 2) etc. You need to set your time “time unit” to hours (not day or minute), MD is the cycle mode. It default sets to 1 which means 1 cycle and it shuts off (stupid right???). Manual says 00 is infinite cycles but I could not get mine to read 00. I set mine to 999 and its been running ever since. SST is the stage you want to start at. It kinda depends on when you are messing with the inkbird. So I was setting mine up 4 hours before lights out so Stage one is 4hours at 77, then stage2 is 6hours at 68, then Stage 3 is 4 hours at 73, Stage 4 is 10 hrs at 77 for a total of 24 hour period. Hope I didn’t confuse you more… Try that and let me know if it helps you or not. Good luck. Please don’t hesitate to ask for more help. I’ll do what I can.



I appreciate your help. Whenever my in laws decide to wake up and get away from my area(which they don’t know exists) I will go and work it out.


Hey man, looking back at the last picture I posted does it look to you like they have some heat stress? Edges of the leaves curling up just a little but the aren’t really folding hard.


Saw this today, doesn’t apply necessarily to growing(maybe for some of you haha) but it is so true


2 weeks old today. Love seeing all this new growth!! #WELLDALEYEAH


Judging by their node spacing at the moment should I move my LED up and make them stretch a bit? @Hogmaster @Sixpackdad @MattyBear


For reference they are about 3 inches tall


Probably not a bad idea. Some plants are just short and bushy by nature tho and won’t stretch all that much :v::bear:


Thanks brosky!


They seem to be the short and stocky type. Its cool on the last picture to see the stalk busting out of the seedling phase. I did raise my lights up a tad to encourage some stretch.


@PurpNGold74 @Familyman just adding cause im new here(well in the shadows for a few months but starting my first grow) and started my first journal. Just reaching out and saying hello!! Trying to increase the people I have talked to! So…hi haha


Welcome my friend. I’ll help anyway I can.


I’ve spent a day or two reading your thread. Your a stay at home dad??? Me too haha


I sure am. I have three boys. 2,4 and 16. It’s not the job everyone thinks. Kudos to you bro!


Haha it definitely is NOT haha I got a 7yo my daughter(is the brains of the family) and a 4yo son(who is a human wrecking ball)


I’m actually cleaning the play room as we speak and am in disgust.


Bahaha ya know what I woke up to!!! My kids decided it was a good idea to get the sand art out and try their hand at that. Holy shit batman the bathroom is TRASHED!!! Kids…gotta love em!!