My journal, first time


Good line up but I also would add bloom enhancers mid to late flower such as Kool Bloom or an P & K boost type nute such as @Hogmaster shared.


What @Screwauger said You’ll want Liquid Koolbloom for flower and dry or powder Koolbloom for the last week of flower before you flush or ripen


Thanks for the help. I have went through your journals and you pump out some good ishh!!! Im digging the autopots you use!


Ok then thats what I’ll do. I found the 3 pack of the stuff you listed for 30 bucks!! Not bad at all. I’ll grab those and a bottle of the liquid koolbloom then I guess im set ehhh??


Set for a while at least :wink:


Haha yeah you said it. I feel like this week whenever I get my quantum boards up they are gonna be drinking alot more of EVERYTHING haha


@Verndoc so I’ve had the inkbird up and going but ive gotten it set at 75 degrees. I am trying to do day and night but your right about the damn directions, they are horrible. What im trying to do is set it for 18/6. But if I remember right, you do this with the last setting. Like sst or tts, anywho yeah im confused as hell with it.




@Sixpackdad so I was going to pick one plant out of the 2 to go full term but Idk if I can actually pull one of these girls!!! I plan on doing some LST BUT DO YOU THINK I can run 2 wwa in this 3x3x6 tent? Ive got the 4 QB’s so I know i have the light for it. I also know with me growing for the first time so chances are my plants won’t be too crazy big but you said you grew them also. About how big do they get if you have no problems? I know autos are so different from one another but I don’t want to smother them trying to keep 2. Also to add in. Im planning on topping one of them just to say I did it haha


@Screwauger same question to you for your opinion. The post above this one is my question


I believe you can do 2 WWA in your tent. I have a 39x39 that I have over loaded right now, live and learn. I was going to toss a couple plants at transplant but decided to see what they could do. Well…they are still around. I have 2 WWA, 1 in a, 5-gallon pot and 1, in a 3-gallon pot. Also in tent are 2 Bubblegum in the same pot arrangement. To top it off I have and AK auto in 5 gallon pot just to keep the tent cozy.

Yes I am insane.


Damn son your maxxed all the way out!! Haha you got a pic?


I got in a little over my head. :wink:


Hey its pretty to stare at haha


Yes, @imSICKkid you can get away with two plants in there. Might be crowded but it also might not be.


It’s hard to cull a plant.

I have three in a 4x2. There is risk to crowding. Make sure there is good airflow and defoliate so the plants don’t touch. You will definitely need to consider some LST and HST techniques. You need to do thorough inspections for white powdery mildew. Good lunch and hope all is well


Yeah I can’t pick haha the smaller one I was gonna throw out is now the big one. I am definitely going to do LST at the minimum. I think im going to top or fim one of them just to do it


My in laws just got in last night and are staying a WEEK!!! F_ck me to tears!!!


I know its not much but for me this is explosive growth. Its crazy seeing them once a day and how fast they grow. I’m willing to bet that the roots are starting to get into the ffof and its blast off time!!


@imSICKkid sorry I’ve been away for a few days. I don’t use the inkbird to control lighting. I imagine you could but it’s sensor controls are for temp and humidity. Easiest solution to lighting is a just regular 24 hr timer. It would be a PITA to have to mess with the inkbird to change lighting schedule.

This is the one I am using - it has two outlets so you can plug 2 different lights/things in that come on w the lights. I have one fan that comes on and off w the lights. It is also rated for outdoor use and has a 1800W rating which should be plenty w most lights. Battery backup for power outages is nice too. Let me know if you’re still struggling w the inkbird and I will review the directions and try to help you out. I finally got mine set and haven’t messed w it since. Thankfully it’s working great.