My journal, first time


Probably in about 10-14 days. One day you’ll look and it will have grown an inch in 24 hours. Or sprouted an extra pair of leaves. Or both!


Im ready for that day to happen!! They will really take off once the QB boards get in there



That moment you wake up and decide to get a little ballsy and rip a fat keif bowl with your coffee…holy f___kin sheet!!


@GreenJewels here is my journal along with the QB build


Great, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I’m looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the tag :v::green_heart:


How high do you keep your light above your plants?


Seem to be moving in the right direction. Plan on transplanting this evening into 5gal grow bags with a layer of burpee mix then the ffof



Transplanted into the 5 gal and of course something had to happen. Looks as if I might have broken off the main root of one of the wwa(the one with the round end leaves) so we will see. I sprinkled some of this in the hole before I put them in so hopefully she won’t die. It was about 2 to 3 inches of the main root was poking out of the bottom of the cup. I noticed it before I even took the plant out but it still broke. We shall see.


Woke up and went to check on the plant but there are no wilted leaves and she looks healthy still. I hope I dodged a bullet with that one. Being so small I figured if she was going to die from it she would have started to show signs by now.


12ish or more hours after the transplant. As far as the root that broke(1st picture) she seems to be looking well, actually she shot out her third set of leaves pretty damn quick. The other plant(2nd picture) looks to be doing well but her leaves have drooped a tad which im sure its from the transplant or because their 6 hours of dark just ended.


Lookin good. Ever since I went to 18/6 they seem to be loving it. Glad the transplant went well. I watered around the edges with 6.5 ph tap water. It sets at about 290 to 300 ppm.


Side note…my driver just shipped FINALLY!! Should be here this week. @dbrn32 judging by where my plants are at(2 weeks old on the 14th) where should I start these boards from the canopy. Just to remember my build. 4 Qb120s 3000k with the 240h-c100a in a 3x3


Dimmed all the way at about 24" above plants.


Thanks man!!


WWA’s starting to look like a plant


Im not using the Gro since im doing the Lucas formula. Besides the calmg and the silica is there anything else I would add to my line up? From seed to harvest? Im in FFOF @Screwauger @MattyBear @Hogmaster


I like using these too


On top of everything else correct? Depending on where my plants are at