My journal, first time


I grabbed some flat aluminum as well. I figured i would use to make a “shelf” with it. I guess im going to go in the tent with the driver. Im a little worried though since im in the attic so here shortly its gonna start getting toasty in there without the extra heat. The air coming into my tent is from the house air so its around 70.


You can always relocate the driver later if you need to.


Im just sitting and thinking, it’d be dumb for me to put that in there. I just have that feeling. But then at the same time how hot can that driver get? I don’t want it setting in a 100 degree attic either.


@dbrn32 I have some 18/9 wire laying around. Basically control wire would that be fine over the 14 I got?


What’s voltage rating on it?

Driver will get pretty warm.



Im not seeing the voltage on the wire jacket anywhere


That looks like alarm cable and it’s usually 300v. But without it being printed there is just guessing.


I was in controls awhile back. Doing RTU’s and FEC panels. Air handler and VAV stuff. Subcontracted under Johnson Controls. I always used it to wire all the sensors which was all low voltage…hmmm


I hear you.


I looked up some of the same stuff and I believe its 150v max. The 14awg I got, could I snip a few wires to make sure it goes into the board better? Thats the last thing I wanna do is break the dadgum connector!


150v is fine.


Is this cool?


That’s correct


Sweet. Results to follow. Im OCD as hell about my wires also haha


On another note. The girls are doing good. Im ready to switch these lights and get to veggin. Glad that I will have the QB light in a week or so. Just waiting on the driver


Switched over to the LED. Set at 24" but I will be popping in to see if it needs to go up/down. Its only 300w


Well the ladies are a week old. Last night they went to a 18/6 lighting schedule under the LED. gave them a little shot(about 5ml) of water ph’d at 6.59. Im thinking since they are autos I may transplant into the 5gal pots pretty soon. I don’t want to stunt them. So I may cut the ffof in the middle with a tad bit of burpee seed mix in the middle of the pot.


Now is the perfect height/growth to transplant them. It won’t slow them down at all.
You can probably go another week with no ill effects if you’re not ready to do it just yet.
Be gentle, of course.


Yeah im gonna do it today at some point. They have kinda leveled off as far as growing. Which obviously all the growing right now is below the ground. I have a feeling in the next few days they are going to explode…hopefully haha