My journal, first time


Good luck. bro. Hope the white leds can be better than the purple.


I would assume the qb’s will be significantly better than the purple. Its hard to be the judge since this is my first grow so im sure the results may vary, but who knows.



Nothing has changed today
Still on 24hr lights until they hit week 2, then under the LED they go. Room is staying around 80 degrees with about 60% RH. I shot them about 5 ml of ph’d water(6.5) around the edges of the cups. Other then that everything looks ok


Should I go by the directions on the bottle for this and at what age should I apply this to my plants?

@Hogmaster @MattyBear @Countryboyjvd1971 tagged to get some insight on this and my overall grow in general as this is my first one


Are you going to be growing inside or outside?


Indoor. Ffof is is 5gal bags. They are in burpee seedling mix at the moment


I wouldn’t spray indoor plants with anything unless you have an issue or infestation. Outside plants, you can spray as a preventative once they get a little farther into veg cycle :v::bear:


Right on!! Thank you


Everything is still going good. Almost through the first week then going to 18-6 light schedule with the LED.


@dbrn32 ok well made a lowes run. The wire is 14g 600v. Should have everything I need minus the driver which will be here on the 12th


@dbrn32 as far as a wiring diagram this look ok?


Wiring looks right, but I would tighten up your board spacing a little.

And be careful using the 14awg, it may be too big for connectors.


This was strickly for wiring. Im going for 2x2 fixture. Which will be about 2 inch gap going along the 9in side of the board and about 4.5 inches between the 11 inch side.


In reference to the angle iron which is 1x1x1/16 the part I colored in would be the 1 inch slot the top piece would slide down on to the bottom rail? @dbrn32



So here is what I got. Nothing is set in stone but this is pretty much it. The boards would be face down whenever I do mount them @dbrn32


Ya that looks good. Sorry I’m having pretty busy day at work.


Thats all good im in no rush. Well I mounted everything. Now I gotta think up a bracket to get the driver a few inches up off the boards



See if you can cut 4 small pieces of angle, then flip then over and attach to frame to be used as mounting feet for your driver.