My journal, first time



Had them in water for 18 hr. Transferred to paper towel. Went to check moisture before I pass out and score. WWA’s about to go into the Burpee seed starter with water ph 5.79 tomorrow afternoon or so



Didn’t grab a pic but got the seeds(tap root was 1/4) into the solo cups. Keeping a room temp at around 78 to 80 degrees with around 50 to 60% humidity. Now just waiting for them to break the ground.


Also…ive got the seeds under 4 cfl 5500k 60w lights to get them started. Then switching over to the LED after they come up to make an appearance


@Hogmaster I read through your WWA journal yesterday and figured you could “watch” my grow and chime in if you catch or see something. So I tagged you just for some advice whenever that may be. And to anyone else who has gone through the ilgm wwa seeds feel free to chime in at any point. Thanks guys


Put a clear dome over them; mist the dome and only use a teaspoon or two per day in the media. Distilled water is perfect and you don’t need to PH distilled or R/O: there’s no solids to hold the PH so it instantly adopts whatever PH you put it in.


@dbrn32 well the hlg qb 120 v2 boards have arrived.


@Myfriendis410 I didnt grab a dome, I spaced on it. But I did have a wire framed basket that I plastic wrapped. Figured that would do the trick


Sweet! If you need help lemme know.



Went to check them this morning after putting them in the soil yesterday morning. Welcome to the world ladies


I grew WWAs on my first grow. I went through the learning process with them and they produced fine. Best of luck.


@Sixpackdad please follow along just in case. One question, so when should I turn on the LED and take away the cfls? Is it based on sets of leaves or something?


In therory depending on the height of your tent you could run your leds from the beginning. You would just have to turn them down to the lowest setting and raise them high in the tent. I started mine at 5 days above soil at 21 inches above plants.


I will be following along to help.

With my current grow, I moved from my low wattage light to my LED at about one week from when they poked out of the ground. It was about the time the first leaves were established. I’ve done longer, too, in prior grows. This is the first time I’ve had a QB at the start of the grow. So far so good.


The LED I have at the moment is a philzon 1200(300w) but I am in the process of building a light to the specs of my tent with 4 of the QB120’s.


So here in a week or 2 they will be blessed with a REAL grow light haha


Temps are at 75-80 with 60% hum
24/0 lights



The look healthy just make sure you don’t water too much. At this age the get a lot of their moisture from the air.


Since i put them in thier cups I have only shot a tsp of water to them. Just because I’ve got the heater going so it eats that moisture up. Im ready for winter to gtfoh!! Lol


Oh I hear you on that one. I’m just tired of being cold.