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Ill take a look at the stuff you mentioned. If anything ill just start buying stuff here and there. I still want to try out this light I got just to try it. Hell I got 10 seeds free so why not


Nothing wrong with that.


@dbrn32 Sooooo this is what I just purchased. 4 pack for 144.00


  • 4 piece QB 120 LED Boards
  • 120pcs Samsung LM301B LED per board
  • 2 Molex Connectors, Push-Button Type
  • Dimensions 280mm x 240mm
  • Max current per board 2800mA


And just to specify. This driver…hlg-240h-c2100a will be just fine to power the set of 4? I see it for $56.00 so I can go ahead and grab that to. Besides the plug end for the drive, what materials would you suggest when building the frame?


@Sixpackdad Yeah I got the yellow 15 dollar ph meter. Grabbed a tds meter also. I think im going to just grow a single plant under the crappy 1200 watt light I got but I did order a 4 pack of the QB 120 boards. So I am going to be building my own light for my tent. Im pumped to start though!!!


@SlowOldGuy I am going to grow one plant just to use the light I bought since I spent 130 on it. Might as well at least get my money back in bud for it lol I just ordered the QB 120 boards(4 pack) so I will start piecing together a light that is actually worth something.


Yup, 1 of those drivers will power all 4 boards. Most of us aluminum angle for the frame. Depending on how you want to lat that out, you’ll need some screws, bolts, rivets to assemble that and mount boards. I also usually install sone 3/16 or 1/4 eye bolts to hang light from. You can use whatever you want for hardware really, as long as it meets your standards. That should cover your frame.
You’ll also want a 25’ spool of 18awg solid wire good for 300v. A power cord with ground at whatever length us suitable. A 5 pack of 2 port wago connectors or something suitable to make driver connections.

Light will work with stuff i listed above. I usually get waterproof barrel connector for power cord. And i use peel and stick wire tie mounts and wire ties for cable management. Everything i listed here other than boards, driver, and aluminum is available fairly cheap on amazon


@dbrn32 for the sake of me not having to ask you a million questions. Is there a link or forum thread showing someone building this setup?


There is on this exact setup, I can’t remember who did it though. I’ll keep looking.


Congrats on your purchase. I have four qb132s in a 2x4. Great stuff.

I use the cheap Ph and ppm meters. I’m waiting for them to die out and then will upgrade. Make sure you calibrate frequently on the pH meter.

Good luck!


@dbrn32 so here is a quick sketch of what I have in mind in my head


And just to clarify, the lines indicate the frame rails, not the boards themselves. Each board would have its own full frame and I would make a mount that made the driver sit up above the boards.


Welcome to the greatest forum on earth!!:sunglasses:

That Inkbird is the controller I bought and it is working great. It has the ability to set temps for day and night etc. A bit tricky to program as the directions could have been written better by a 4th grader… Let me know if you have q’s while programming and I might be able to help. Mine is set at 77 when lights are on and 68 when lights are off. All it controls is my heater. I don’t use the humidity control yet.

I used FF Happy Frog for the seedlings in solo cups and only added water. Worked great. I think Burpee makes an organic potting soil sold at the big box stores that some have used. AVOID any miracle grow stuff - generally too hot and there are better options. Check with your local nursery if you have one as you wont need very much for one to two seedlings.

I also built a 4 QB132 set up. I love them. I didn’t see you mention the spectrum you ordered. Imprortant when it comes to flower vs veg. I purchased 1 1/2" aluminum angle from a local steel company for about $1 a foot ( can’t remember for sure but it was ALOT cheaper than the big box stores).
Click on my screen name and you should be able to find my journal if you care to follow along. Have fun!!



@Verndoc Wassuuup lol the boards I got are 3000k. I will post definitely check out your stuff. Follow mine as well, should be pretty fun and I am looking into getting a time lapse camera that I plan on using the whole grow so I should have some cool vids.


Sounds like you’re alot more prepared than I was! Those should work great for flower and veg. I have the 3500’s as I only plan to veg. then outside come spring. I may get some other QB’s to add on for flower eventually but I will have to consult w dbrn. He has been awesome at helping all of us out. Enjoy the journey.



Looks good to me! This isn’t square, but will give you idea. Thanks @Sixpackdad

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Gosh @imsickkid were almost kinda neighbors


@Okie70 just moved to Broken Arrow last month. Im ready for winter to be over!!!


Went down to tejas this weekend and I got to scoop up some platinum bubba, thats what he said it was, ive never heard of it but wowzzers. Talk about your d*ck in the dirt haha stuff has me stuck


Shits about to get real. About to germ my first seeds and start this thing!!!