My journal, first time

Well with a normal feeding I would probably mix up only 2 gal with nutes

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That’s what I have to mix up for my big girl too and she takes just about all of it

I never added any perlite either. So its just straight ffof. I have been very cognizant of not trying to pack the soil down and letting them go 5 days between each feed to really dry out


I may throw an inch or 2 of clay pebbles into the bottom of the soil next time.

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I don’t use perlite with mine either mine is just straight ocean Forest. And mine go 4 to 5 days in between watering or feeding also. The bigger they get it’s usually more like four days. So it sounds like you’re right on schedule :wink:


InSICKkid, Grow looks great!

I had found your journal back in Feb and kept up with it for a few, while you was working on your Lights. Then I lost it.

At first you knew your light was not enough but wanted to add to what you had. After you and dbrn32 got to talking QB, it looks like, it didn’t take you long to get those 4 QB boards and put it together. HA!

Hey, I have got a Question for you.

Are you glad now you bought the HLG board and meanwell driver and put them together? Can you tell how your plants love it? What is your take on the light now a couple of months later?

Nice Journal by the way!

Here is mine just in case you haven’t stopped by!

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Thank you!! I can say going to the quantum board fixture has been awesome, well worth the investment! I never used that LED long enough to speak bad about it or good. The short time I did use it my plants were never burned or anything and it seemed to work out fine. It ran pretty hot compared to the quantum boards. I will definitely check out your garden :metal:

Good morning or afternoon or night wherever you are peeps! Lookin perky and ready to bud


Here’s the real question for everyone who has been watching or following these plants. Which plant is gonna have to best yeild? Is the obvious choice the white spread out plant? Or could the blue plant have longer thicker colas? Lets see who guesses the right plant.

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I’m go with blue

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Late edit: the white plant is the smaller of the 2. The blue plant is the one on the left, and white on the right

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I’m going with blue :grin:


Not a bad deal, nice metal tray and 100 cones for 20.00 bucks


Hell yeah. What’s the deal with those cones? You just pack em full of weed?


And your plants are bangin, just remember, they x2 x2 in size during the stretch. Not just up either, out as well


Yep, even come with a packing stick. Fits about 2 grams if you want to pack it like hell.

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Im hoping they double in height. The one on the right is already stinky and some of the pistils are already turning brown. The left plant is a beast. Im gonna give her all the room she wants. Even if that means her sis gets pushed into the corner :rofl:

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The plants were put on 12/12 lights today. the last plant has been shooting pistils for a week so now they are switched over. I raised my light up to 24 inches and went from about 5/8 of the power to full power. I will slowly start to bring it down until im 12 to 15 inches. :v:




One of the girls(left) is stacking up!!! Im stoked I smell marijuana when the tent opens