My jack herer autos are not growing

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

my jack herer autos are not growing I have one that is indoors under a 125 watt cfl temps are between 70-80 degrees F humidity is between 40-50 % light is 20-4 this plant is only 3 inches tall? HELP! I have two jack herer outdoors in 5 gallon pots that are thirteen days old and are only 2 inches tall ? help please don’t know why they are not growing

I would suggest joining the forum for more help are they autos or photos?
Disclaimer not an expert grower

A picture of your plants would be helpful.
Here is a picture of my White Widow Autos at 14 days from sprout. They are not very big but that is around normal for 14 days old. Is this your first time growing autos?

If yours are similar size to those then that is normal growth.


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The autos grow slow to start but they will start taking off
I noticed a huge difference in the ones I put directly outside and the ones I had in my green house with supplemental light
They will take off just be patient