My ILGM Grow Setup after a year

I have been growing autoflowers indoors for the last year using seeds from ILGM: White Widow, Cheese, and Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. So far I’ve brought around 29 plants to harvest, and my grow operation has expanded from one corner of my garage to fill the entire space!

I suffer from chronic pain and am on heavy prescription pain killers. None of them work as well as cannabis, but I can’t afford to buy the quantities I need at a dispensary. Growing with seeds from ILGM this last year has given me a cost effective way to obtain the cannabis medication I need.

Thank you ILGM for selling and supporting great seeds to use in my new hobby. I had a few seeds that did not germinate and ILGM replaced them without problem, five fold.

Here’s my setup as it stands now after a year of learning:


  • Region: Southern California
  • Indoors: Garage 20’ x 30’ with three grow tents
  • Lighting Schedule: 18/6
  • Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forest, Recipe 420
  • Water: Reverse Osmosis filtration. RO water is collected for use in a 30 gallon basin that is continuously agitated with a fountain pump. Plants are watered until there is runoff.
  • Nutrients: CalMag, Fox Farm Trio (Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom). RO+CalMag+Nutrients given once per week at 1/4 strength, RO+CalMag in between nutes as needed.
  • Tent Temp: Non-Summer 70-80F.
  • RH: 45% - 50%
  • PH: 6.0 - 7.0
  • Pot Site: 5 gallon buckets (#2 plastic) with drain holes drilled.
  • Drainage: Water is collected by the totes and removed via a wet vacuum after each watering, unless it is shallow enough to allow evaporation.
  • Ventilation: All tents draw air from the garage. Tents 1 and 3 exhaust to a ducting system that vents through a port to the outside of the garage. Tent 2 exhausts passively into Tent 1. There is a separate intake port for fresh air into the garage from outside.

Tent 1 (Propagation Tent)

  • Tent: Ohuhu 5’ x 5’ x 80"
  • Light: Mars Hydro TSW 2000
  • Ventilation: Active Air 6" 400 CFM fan with carbon filter
  • Electrical draw: 454 watts, 3.8 amps

Tent 2 (Drying Tent)

  • Tent: TopoGrow 2’ x 4’ x 72"
  • Ventilation: Light baffle connecting to tent 1 via a 6" duct. Tent 1 draws air from tent 2.

Tent 3 (Grow Tent)

  • Tent: TopoLite 10’ x 10’ x 80"
  • Lights: 3 Spider Farmer SF-4000
  • Ventilation: Vivosun 6" 440 CFM fan with carbon filter
  • Electrical draw: 1470 watts, 13.2 amps

What is it going to be in summer? Might need a chiller by then to keep water temps down. Just a suggestion for the future.


The temps here were a nightmare this last summer! Outside temps reached up to 105F a few times. Most of my plants stretched and foxtailed, but they yielded 1.25g/plant of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. I was hoping for 2g - 3g.

Since I’m using soil I don’t know if a chiller will help me much, I thought that was for a hydro grow?

I built an evaporative cooler and it is helping me now with the RH (I’ve been hanging wet towels in there) and lowering the temperature.

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Nvm, I reread your post, and I got confused with the irrigation pump. I blame the kids that were bouncing around a bit ago. Lol

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