My ILGM Experience


I just have to say that from the day I purchased seeds until I harvested and dried the finished product of my first grow, ILGM was there for me and certainly contributed to my success. I also have to admit that I recently purchased a few seeds from a competitor, and I will not be doing that again. My seeds from this site had 100% germination. All grew and produced on average 45 grams of dried ready to use buds per autoflowering plant in about 12 weeks time from seed. This was in the dead of winter in a Northern basement with horrible conditions. These new seeds only germinated 2 out of 5 and look pitiful. I will be back for more business to this site and its wonderful support community. Thanks again ILGM.


That’s good to know as I am waiting for some auto seeds to sprout. I’m attempting to grow in the backyard tho and leaving it up to Mother Nature.


Yes, I got very similar experience…
Love my WW auto and especially Gold leaf…rock solid genetics !!!


ILGM is the only place that I’ve shopped online. Plenty of good people on here that will you help you out.


Glad to hear that you’ve had such a great experience here at ILGM, I know I have also had an amazing experience since joining the forum!



Awesome! Thanks for sharing guys! :hearts:


I’m new to ILGM. My girls are in their early stage from ILGM. All arrived quickly and all sprouted quickly. Everyone here is helpful and want you to have the best grow possible. I’ve never ordered seeds anywhere else and see no reason to go anywhere else as all the best products, advice ect are here .