My idea of drying bud

With 2 plants in one tent with filter knowing they won’t be ready st the same time I plan on drying in a large box with my intake running to the dry box. It should keep down the smell as all air will be going to the tent and filter. It would also allow me to keep them in the dark while my other plant and lower buds from the first plant to keep growing till ready. Has anyone tried it. Just want to keep Oder down Incase of visitors.

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You don’t want too much humidity, or too much air circulating directly through the buds. Perhaps a box inside the tent with a small fan indirectly moving air through it.

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My plan was to poke holes in one side with the exhaust pulling the air through. That was I can regulate how much air moves through the box I don’t plan on having much room in the tent when I start my next grow.

Just dropped 8 beans so I won’t have room in the tent for a box. I may have to get creative but the juices don’t flow well unless I am medicated. Lol