My humidity dome

Here’s a pic of my bubblegum auto I made a humidity dome with a light for seedling can reach enough light for I wouldn’t transplant

I’m also setting up a seedling area right now JT, heres’s a picture

I have a question for anyone, what is my ideal temperature / humidity?

right now I have 76% RH @ 72 degrees


For seedlings it would be best at 80 for humidity or at 70 I had best results and temp would be at 80, I didn’t see your pic

Lol! I forgot the picture but its up now! ( is one with the light)

I would like around 78 for both humidity and temperature. I have it on a propagation mat so I’m going to let it run for a while and see where it stabilizes…

I’m waiting for my rapid rooters right now I’m not putting a seed in water until they come because everything doesn’t always come when they say lol!

-good luck on the grow JT!

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You to man we should keep an eye out for our plants

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Sounds like a plan! Here’s to luck! :beers:

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