My house stinks

Ok, thanks. Any brand preference?

I’m looking at a Vivosun filter and 190 cfm fan, I have no idea who the quality players are in this industry and who are the crap spamming Amazon and google with search engine optimization.

So you think the carbon filter will handle the load, and it will work for 4 months?

My only experience with carbon in filters is for aquariums, and it’s kind of looked as a scam by experienced aquarists. The carbon only lasts a week or so in the tank. So I have been discounting the carbon filters assuming it’s a similar thing.

But if it really does scrub the air and remove smells and does it for 4 months, this is exactly what I want, and I don’t mind replacing 3 times a year.

Thanks for the info!

You’re welcome.

I haven’t heard bad things about vivosun. Buyer beware, so read reviews. Once you find a filter in your price range, search this site to see if anyone used one. The absolute cheapest setup I’ve seen is a Vanleno 4” filter with an AC Infinity Raxial 4” fan. You still need ducting and hose clamps, or at the very minimum duct tape.

I didn’t mean to imply filters last 4 months. I would have the replacement on hand ASAP. Some people get a year out of a filter. My point is, have one on hand before you need it.

When you’re selecting a filter you need to make sure it has a CFM rating greater than or equal to your air exchange requirement (or your fan’s CFM rating.) You don’t actually need a lot of ventilation using LEDs; I think most people overdo it. Calculate your tent volume, and try to exchange that air every 2 minutes.

IMO, the best spend is on a good fan controller. InkBird makes them. AC Infinity makes them. There are others. Some people use Arduino. Point is, features like thermostatically/humidistatically controlled fan speed are really nice, but the only difference you should ever notice between filters is how long they last.

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This is great, thanks so much. I have a lot to research based on your post, but I’m going to end up a lot better than I would have if I went with my original plan.

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I tried the vivosun and it was junk. Returned it after 2 weeks. It worked for a week and the odors came back strong. Plus the box was full of loose carbon dust and bits.
Replaced it with a G-Hydro filter and so far much better but I still think there are better out there but more expensive.

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How long have you had that brand?

Your vivosun experience is similar to my aquarium carbon experience. I swear it’s inert after a week in the tank.

So far 5 weeks. Right now with almost everything harvested I can’t smell anything unless I am in the tent. With this filter I could smell some just outside the grow room with door opened, and with the vivosun my whole house reeked of weed and that was before peak flowering.

Cool, that would work for me. Hopefully you get 3-6 months out of it for $65

You should look at the Vanleno.

Also, heed my advice about priorities.


Glad i felt like reading this morning.

I have foyr vivosun filters so far no issues but the stinkiest time is yet to come… I checked on the Vanleno and added it to my Amazon wish list.

Thank you for posting!

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You went through four(4!?) filters in the vegetative stage? Or am I misunderstanding something?

Sorry my mistake… I have four filters that cannot be returned… If the vivosun fail… I am going with your suggestion.

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I can’t find a 6 inch Vanleno anywhere except a site called
It looks like they sell mostly grow supplies, but I don’t usually order from unknown sites unless they take paypa l because I’ve been burned.
Price seems great though, but that’s how they get you, lol.

Has anyone dealt with this site?

You can also buy panda poly by the roll, tape that stuf up with tech tape and staples. You can seal that room off easy! Then get a carbon filter, you still need fresh air exchange and exhaust ir you will run into problems with humidity and mold and unhealthy plants.

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Thanks for the advice, I settled on the 4 inch Vanleno since you speak highly of it and it is very economical. I picked up a cheap 195cfm Vivosun fan for $26 - it was $4 off, so I picked up the 4 year protection plan for $4 as this fan doesn’t have the greatest reviews, but it only uses 25 Watts compared to 75 Watts on a more robust metal fan.

I got 2 of the Valeno filters so I would have a back-up, but I may end up running twin filters if 1 doesn’t remove enough smell, I can pick up another fan for $26 and the operating cost wil still be cheaper than a metal fan. But like I said I’m ok with a little smell, so hopefully 1 will scub enough out of the air.

Thanks for your recommendations!

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Try to keep the humidity down (below 60% but above 45%) because people report the humidity reduces filter life.

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Perfect, I have my basement dehumidifier set at 50 all the time to keep the dank basement smell away, sounds like it’s great for my garden and filter too.

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