My hidden garden


@Buds007 I want to turn over twice that much. Gotta change things up a bit.



looking great @Simo78


Very cool! :+1:


2 n 1/2 weeks in.


I’m at 3 and mine are a little bushier even after defoliating.
Not too bad though


@Fever I had to turn off 3 of my lights due to the heat…so the lack of light has hurt the plant development…but it would be worse to have the extra light n heat. F’ed if you do… F’ed if you dont :pensive:


Can’t you create more airflow?


Not really. I have a inlet fan drawing in cool air already…n a exhuast fan as well. Along with 3 fans moving air around.


Then it’s the outside air that is the problem. It’s too hot to begin with


Temps have bn around the low to mid 30’s on average n even have got up to 40 plus


The outside air I’m drawing in is as cool as its gonna get here. That air is around 18-20 degrees c


The more you can do for the outside air the better


My air intake is already shaded from the sun and water cooled.
The only thing I haven’t done and cant do is get a air con.


What about routing exhaust of your dehumidifier out of the room?

I feel for you


Not running the dehumidifier. I only used that when I was flowering in the tent.


The signature of this pheno…every clone has it on at least one top.


Adds a little character to her! :+1:


That looks like tobacco mosaic virus


Day 1 for the new clones and I think it’s about 4 1/2 weeks for the other plant.

Also my big black indica seeds came Tuesday, so I put a couple in today. I put a couple ak47 seeds in as well.