My hidden garden


Even Albany has high 30,s during the summer…n ya cant get much more southern than that haha.


Over in the west maybe @Simo78, but over in the east, where I am is way further south & people loose their mind when it gets to 30. I’d be lucky to see a day in summer that’s over 30, I miss when I used to live in Brisbane. :+1: :smile:


Arrr ok. Yeah i was down that way one year for xmas…n it snowed haha


Yep @Simo78, made me wonder what hemisphere I was in, hahahaha. :laughing:


Super skunk.

Big bud


man, just finishing up the last of my SS great stuff…i’m going to miss it …lol


Looks awesome dude! :+1: :grin:


Couple pics with the lights off



nice @Simo78 looks great !
bom is open!


The big bud is from a different seed company. Originally the bom comp aloud for affiliated seed company’s…if that was still the case, I would be able to enter the bid bud. :frowning:


Fantastic looking buds dude! :+1: :grin:


Chopped down the last 2 plants on Saturday. Hung them up as whole plants.
Put in 2 new plants…one big bud clone and one AK 47 XTRM from seed (these had been in my veg tent for a quite a few weeks already). The AK showed it’s sex yesterday …unfortunately it was male.

Spread the big bud out as much as I could.


Oh that’s sucks about the AK!


@Rugar89 Yeah…shit happens I guess. I put in 3 seeds of each the AK and Big Bud yesterday… so we’ll see how that goes.


They look so yummy


I ordered the Skywalker og from ILGM lastnight :slight_smile: …cant wait to be growing that one. I also ordered Big Black Indica from somewhere else…another strain I can’t weight to be growing :blush::blush::blush:


Bummer about the AK, can’t wait to see the rest! :+1:


Trimmed up the last couple of plants from the last run. The pile on the black lid is 66 grams and the other pile is 48 grams.
Off 4 plants in total I got 8 and half oz.

Half way through trimming the last cola.


Way freakin cool dude, I hope I get half that much! :grin: :+1: