My hidden garden


Yeah the ballasts are in the room atm…I will be doing some rewiring soon and moving them out. I think that should be the difference I need.
Gotta do it b4 the outside temps get to high.


The next round. Super Skunk in the back left corner and the other 3 are Big Bud.


@Simo78 i have some super skunk growing this round also!
i cannot wait to try it…i’m drooling just remembering the last time i smoked some good '‘skunk’


She definitely is pungent when she flowering. I have found that she is kinda temperamental though. The Big Bud is tough as nails and coupes with everything so much easier than the super skunk does.


The super skunk always shows signs of stress when being transfered to the coco from the hydro cloner/veg tub.


Did some super cropping yesterday and this morning they are already looking like they loved it!


Removed the frame leg…to give the girls some space. I hung that corner from the ceiling.
Also rewired the 315w LEC so the ballest is outside the room…it hasn’t been on this round until now.


My lighting. 315w LEC. 400w HPS. 300w LED. 600w LED


Damn it man, that should do it! Plenty of light. The plants look awesome @Simo78





Wonderful setup. A+ for stealth, keep up the good work & enjoy


Wow, that’s some sweet lookin weed @Simo78, well done! :+1:


Had some heat issues about a week ago.

Under 2 weeks left now. On Thursday I will start flushing.


Bummer dude!


I think I’m in the same boat and the same timeline


Heat? R u in Oz?


No I’m indoor. My new lights must have caused it


I am, but I’m way further south, so I’m lucky enough to not have problems with too much heat. Not enough heat…now that’s something I foresee having problems with, lol. :laughing: